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WinHTTP Product Key Full Download X64 🔽

The WinHTTP Delphi component is an easy to use WinInet-based HTTP client component that will allow you to post and get any data from the Web via HTTP protocol. With WinHTTP you can grab Web pages, download files and documents (or only their headers without the content), get results of the CGI programs (for example, results of web-based search engines / databases), or even upload files to the CGI programs.
In case if you want download documents from local intranet – just specify file:// prefix in the URL instead of http://. The WinHTTP can download web content both in binary and text formats, supports cache of Internet Explorer, can resume broken downloads, read data from password protected directories and supports basic proxy authentication scheme. Also it can be used in ActiveX forms, for example to build Web-based installations.
· Delphi 2/3/4/5/6/7/2005/2006/2007, C++ Builder 3/4/5/6/2006
· You can try it out for free, but if you like it and want to use it you have to register it with the author.
· The only difference between the unregistered and registered versions is that
the registered one has not message box with remind to register and works without Delphi (C++ Builder) running. You can also purchase the source code, if you would like to have it, and be able to compile or modify the AutoUpgrader on any 32bit version of Delphi or C++ Builder.


Download >> https://urllie.com/2sols4

Download >> https://urllie.com/2sols4






WinHTTP Crack With Registration Code Download

Many Web-site visitors find it convenient to use their Web browser to perform
an action on a Web site (like download a file) without leaving their existing
session. They can just hit a button on the Web page or specify the URL of the
action, and Internet Explorer can take care of the rest. The WinHTTP For Windows 10 Crack component
allows you to do the same thing.
The WinHTTP component is supported by all Internet Explorer versions from
version 3 onward. However the URL specified at the time of downloading is
scheduled for the next (or same) request that originates from the same
application. So if you want to download a file from, say, a file sharing
site, and then download another file from the same site using the WinHTTP
component, the first URL will already be scheduled for execution at the
time of downloading the second URL.
WinHTTP Component Features:
路 It downloads any file from the Internet
路 it supports resuming a broken download
路 it supports extracting filenames from HTML and SQL databases for
locale-specific interpretation of file names
路 it supports ZIP archive files (for example to download compressed versions
of files that can not be saved in BINARY format)
路 it supports extracting files from ZIP archive
路 it supports downloading data from public proxies (for example, to retrieve
the list of available proxies from an ISP)
路 it supports file uploads to public proxies
路 it supports error-free authentication (using Basic HTTP Authentication
路 it supports caching of Internet Explorer
路 it supports asynchronicity (unlike HTTP Get/Post that is always synchronous)
路 it allows you to specify MIME type of downloaded data in the request
and check the MIME type
路 it can accept both POST and GET requests
路 it is documented

There was actually a very popular program, WinHTTP.pas, but it was released
under the GPL license. It was a very popular component for creating
asynchronous Web-based installs, WinHTTP was pretty good. However, the
original authors did not support it anymore, and that’s when it was
banned. You can find it at Shareware

Some Internet Explorer Extensions for Delphi-WinHTTP

You can use Delphi WinHTTP component in the Internet Explorer Add-ins.

WinHTTP Components for Internet Explorer

File protocol (FTP), DNS (Domain Name Service), Web

WinHTTP [Latest] 2022

Client based on WinInet component designed to work with the WinHTTP API on the user side.
The WinHTTP component can be used for GET or POST requests to HTTP servers, get Web page content (header + content, for example: HTML, images, stylesheets, scripts,…) and download binary and text data from HTTP servers, get results of the CGI programs, get data from web-based search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN,… It can be used for FTP, Telnet/SSH, POP3 and IMAP4 protocols, for SMTP and POP3 email clients, for IIS and Apache server side applications, for WMI programs, for Win32 services, and for.NET applications.
The only difference between WinHTTP component and the WinInetHttp class is that the component is based on the WinHTTP API.
The component source code includes two.dpr files: WinHTTP.dpr and WinHTTP2.dpr.
The component is available for purchase from
Version history:
v2.9.0.1 – Initial release
v2.9.0.2 – Adding support for self signed certificates
v2.9.0.3 – Adding request header support for FTP
v2.9.0.4 – Added “Force Display of Certificates” property
v2.9.0.5 – Added “Port No” property
v2.9.0.6 – Changed “MaxConnections” property to “MaxConnectionsInt”
v2.9.0.7 – Added Web Proxy settings
v2.9.0.8 – Added FTP Proxy settings
v2.9.0.9 – Added DNS settings
v2.9.0.10 – Added RMI settings
v2.9.1.0 – Added some global and component settings
v2.9.2.0 – Added Proxy/Authentication support
v2.9.3.0 – Now the component can download data in all formats, content, binary, text. It can use HTTP and FTP protocols. It can download local files, download a directory, and grab content from a web-based search engine
v2.9.4.0 – Added Web proxy for unauthenticated access (beware of security issues)
v2.9.5.0 – Added SSL support

WinHTTP Free Download

There are very many WinInet libraries. Sometimes it is difficult to find what WinInet component you need for your project, and this is why we developed WinHTTP component.
WinHTTP Delphi Component can be used in the following way:

When you install the component all files are included to the installation package. After that you can:

start/stop the HTTP server (local or remote),

control interface with the server (you can specify URL, port and other parameters),

download data from server (get Web pages, files, documents, results of the CGI program, etc),

upload data to the server (upload files, change files).

Here is an illustration of what you can do with the WinHTTP component:

Start the HTTP server (for example, WinHTTP server)

Hit the button “GET”

Connect to the server

Send GET request

Grab the header

Grab the document (compressed, uncompressed, or binary)

Get the file length

Read file from the server

Get the details of the CGI program

Upload the file to the server

Stop the HTTP server

Implementation and Usage

The WinHTTP component differs from other WinInet components, because it was written to be used in Delphi and C++ Builder – not only standalone applications. It uses so-called WinApi to communicate with WinInet. It means that Delphi/C++ Builder programmers will be able to use the component right after installation, without writing any lines of code.
Note also that the component does not change any settings in the Web browser. If you don’t use IE (Internet Explorer) for example, the Web browser will never be changed. You just tell the component what you want to do – download, upload, or get. And the component does it.
You can’t run the component with the URL of the Web page or similar, so if you need to get that, you will have to get this page in another way, e.g. via an HTML file, which can be loaded in the Web browser.
The demo application (the VCL Library Application) can be downloaded from the component’s website ( Open it with notepad or similar text editor to check the source of the component. We tried to make the demo as simple as possible, but you can still download the

What’s New In?

The WinHTTP component is a simple, portable application programming interface for Internet-based, Windows programs to perform HTTP-based service requests. It is designed to be easy to use and reliable. Support for multiple operating systems and networking protocols is built-in. In addition, WinHTTP incorporates common Internet protocols, such as HTTP, FTP, Usenet news and the binary protocols SMTP and POP3. This component is designed to work with the WinInet application programming interface.
WinHTTP is a native Windows component; it contains no Win32 APIs, nor does it call any Win32 API functions. If you only need to perform HTTP requests, then the WinHTTP component is a good choice. WinHTTP was designed specifically to make it convenient to perform HTTP requests in an integrated, encapsulated manner in Windows. It is a high-performance component and should be used instead of Internet Explorer if you are using Internet Explorer. WinHTTP is supported on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows Server 2003.
WinHTTP offers the following advantages over other Internet request methods:
路 WinHTTP is extremely fast.
路 The HTTP protocol is encapsulated within the WinHTTP component,
which reduces or eliminates the need to use the Win32 API.
The WinHTTP component contains the following keywords:
The WinHTTP component enables HTTP GET and POST requests to be quickly and easily performed. The component includes components that allow for the creation of GET and POST HTTP requests to be performed.

WinHTTPRequest.Create(WindowHandle, Url, UserName, Password, Proxy);
This function creates a new HTTP Request to the Web Server specified in the Window Handle and sets the user name and password information, the proxy server and any extra parameters that need to be passed in a POST request.
1.Window Handle
2.Url – The Url that the request is generated to.
3.UserName – The UserName that the request is generated to.
4.Password – The Password that the request is generated to.
5.Proxy server.
This function cancels a current request to a Web server.
1.Reason – The reason for canceling the request.
This function


System Requirements For WinHTTP:

Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
CPU: 2.0 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM
Free Space: 1 GB
VGA: 1024×768, 800×600, 1280×1024
Disk Space: 512 MB
Languages: English
Developer: GZG Entertainment
Release: 27 Nov, 2013
Most Recent Version: (
OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10CPU: 2.0 GHz Processor,



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