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Ultrawave Guitar Tuner Crack Download For Windows ⭕







Ultrawave Guitar Tuner Crack+ Torrent (Activation Code) Download [Updated-2022]

Ultrawave Guitar Tuner Download With Full Crack is a complete digital tuner that will work like a true tuner in a real guitar shop. By working on the principles of sound waveform detection, it can identify any guitar note at any speed regardless if it is out of tune or in tune, it can also precisely locate where the note is within the pitch range and show precisely the pitch frequency of the selected note.
There are many professional guitarists nowadays who find the need to take their guitar apart to have a sound frequency analysis (in other words, to ‘touch’ their guitar’s sound), find what it should be and work on it a little. Another way to achieve the same result is to use a tuner, but most of them are not accurate enough. That’s why guitarists have resorted to using graphic-based instruments which are also not accurate enough.
The Ultrawave Guitar Tuner is the best (toy) tuner around at a modest cost. Even beginners can use this application to get off to a good start.
What’s New in this Release:
* Finally added the ability to “lock” a specific fret and enter a frequency. This is mainly useful when you want to play in a specific key and want to “home in” on a specific fret.
–This feature will need to be added manually in the future, but this is at least one step closer to that reality.
* You can now use a higher resolution frequency up to 12Khz
* A new thread has been added to the forums. Please follow this thread if you have any questions.
* If you are an owner of the application you may have noticed that the “C” in the titlebar has changed from “FREE” to “TESTED”. That is because in the last 6 months or so I have given this application away to a few people to use as they see fit. I have learned a lot from using this app from more experienced guitarists and have made a few great changes based on their feedback. I think the application is now at a point where it is ready to go into “general release” and I would greatly appreciate your feedback.
* There is some really cool functionality in here that is going to make this application even better. Stay tuned.


To see the latest version of this software please go to the ‘About’ dropdown and select “2.4.5”. If you have more than one version installed already, please make

Ultrawave Guitar Tuner Free Download [Mac/Win]

Ultrawave Guitar Tuner Crack Keygen is a complete software Guitar Tuner, equalizer, and amp simulator. The software has been produced to meet all the demands of amateur guitarists or professionals, being widely used in all genres of music.
Another features of Ultrawave Guitar Tuner are:

Touch screen interface

Offline mode: control the software without a connection to the internet

Remote control of the software

Animation of the graphic interface

Control guitar solo and open chords

1-band or 6-band Equalizer

Enhanced effects: Presence, Delay, Reverb, Vox Chord and Noise

Accurate song position detection

Every function can be modified

The volume of all audio tracks can be individually adjusted (available only in Music mode)

Editable searchable lyrics

Accurate meter calibration

Adjustable display and the comfortable tab

User friendly graphical interface

Overdrive functions for three guitars (Rough, Clean and Overdriven)
Ultrawave Guitar Tuner Features

Gain control of the amp simulators.

Rhythm guitar Track (0.5)

Electric guitar Track (0.5)

Cable Track (0.5)

Distortion Track (0.5)

Lesion Track (0.5)

Led Track (0.5)

Bass Track (0.5)

Space Track (0.5)

Fender stratocaster Track (0.5)

Fender stratocaster Track (0.5)

Acoustic guitar Track (0.5)

Alter tune Track (0.5)

Chords can be edited

Song position can be adjusted

For all tracks the EQ can be modified individually

Volume control is available for all tracks

MP3 export

Import MP3 tracks

Offline mode

Library search

Paste song lyrics and tune names in lyrics search

Exchange data with our software MP3Tuner free

Import your songs and database into our software

Support for all types of files

Chords can be simulated and overdone in all three guitars (Rough, Clean and Overdriven)

Ultrawave Guitar Tuner Crack Keygen 2022 [New]

The Ultimate Guitar Tuner is a new easy to use application that contains tools that allow you to set the tone you desire for your guitar.

It will let you tune to different meters like the Equal Tone, Baritone Meter, Square Root, or Volume for your guitar.

It shows you what harmonics (proper pitches) your guitar is producing, and the harmonics can be displayed using a waterfall or a frequency spectrum.

You can use it to fine tune your guitar’s intonation after you record some notes and then you can export your recordings directly to your computer or use Audacity to export your audio recordings as MP3 or WAV files.

And if you are using an external sound card, you can connect it and record your instrument directly in your computer while it’s in tune.

This software is a real value for money especially if you have a decent quality external sound card.

Ultrawave Guitar Tuner Features:

Easy to use

The included tutorial will guide you step-by-step through each of the tools as well as the performance of each function.

Quick Searches

Use the search box to find the specific application or feature you are looking for quickly.

Simple Interface

Very easy to navigate and use the different tools.

Audio Recording and Exporting Tools

The software can record any audio you plug in to your sound card directly into your computer. This way you can set your instrument in tune and you can then export your recording straight from your computer as an MP3 or WAV file.

Global and Local Tones

You can set a global tone to measure the intonation of your guitar using the tools included in this section or you can choose to set different local tones, especially for your different strings.

Reset Meters

You can reset your local tones to factory settings by hitting the Save button or by choosing a new local tone from the main screen.

Tone Settings

You can adjust the tone settings as desired.


You can use the Auto-Meter to find and set the correct pitch for your different strings.

Intonation Adjustment

You can improve the intonation of your guitar by using the different meters to find and set the correct pitch for your different strings.

Equal Tone

You can set the Equal Tone for your instrument to measure its

What’s New In Ultrawave Guitar Tuner?

ULTRAWAVE is developed by a luthier who builds guitar amplifiers and guitar cabinets. He has a passion for design and attention to detail.
ULTRAWAVE is his first program to push technology to its limits and combine it with artistic expression.
This software is intended for guitarists who enjoy music and want to improve their playing.

Ultrawave Guitar Tuner has

excellent graphic interface

many useful features

easy to use
This photo gallery contains the sample interface of Ultrawave Guitar Tuner.

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System Requirements:

– Windows XP or later (32-bit or 64-bit).
– Graphical user interface on a computer with at least 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended) and at least 400MB of free hard drive space.
– Internet Explorer 5.0 or later (Windows 98 requires IE4)
– Requires Java 3.0 or later to install the sample plugins.
Note: This version of the product works with the major components of the GNU/Linux operating system.
The software is licensed under the GNU Public License



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