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TroSQL Free 1.10 Crack Free X64 (2022)

TroSQL Free is an application that was designed to aid advanced computer users such as server or database administrators perform various operations on their databases such as maintenance work, development and management, in a controlled environment and without significant efforts.
The application comes with a complete set of features that were developed to aid users in creating various MySQL databases or objects, as well as maintaining and managing them and the MySQL servers they are in charge of.
Tables can be altered, created or dropped. The application is optimized for supporting several MySQL objects including tables, fields, databases and indices, depending on the needs of the end user.
The program also comes with several rich sets of tools that enable users to work on every level, whether it's connection, table or query we're talking about.
The interface is Excel-like, so that it's easy for users to create and alter tables as well as edit the data, since it also provides support for Enum/Set. Blobs can be edited in either text or image mode. It also includes a grid-based dates and year formatter that features date and time controls, providing the user with even more control over its projects.







TroSQL Free 1.10 Crack+

TroSQL Free Serial Key is the leading SQL manager for advanced users. It is the perfect tool for users who need to create and manage databases, tables, and fields as well as create queries for SQL objects and schedules. This powerful tool comes with a unique client/server structure that offers full support of client/server features like cache, save/export, report generation, and restore on a server. TroSQL Free offers excellent performance, reliability, and compatibility. This is a complete, free alternative for users who are looking for an affordable, powerful, and robust SQL management tool.
Key Features:
? Works with any MySQL version of 5.0 or higher; MySQL for SQLAnywhere.
? Supports any MySQL 5 database structure that is supported by the most popular MySQL database engines.
? Supports unlimited tables.
? Supports unlimited fields.
? Supports unlimited databases.
? Supports unlimited objects.
? Supports unlimited schemas.
? Supports any number of primary keys.
? Supports any number of foreign keys.
? Supports recursive tables.
? Supports partitioning on any MySQL database.
? Supports linked servers.
? Supports SQL Auto-Completion.
? Supports SQL colorizing.
? Supports SQL prompts.
? Supports SQL history.
? Supports unlimited SQL statements.
? Supports unlimited Windows accounts.
? Supports unlimited schemas and databases.
? Supports unlimited tables.
? Supports unlimited fields.
? Supports unlimited indexes.
? Supports unlimited views.
? Supports multiple applications at a time.
? Supports Enum/Set type.
? Supports switches as names of tables.
? Supports records as names of tables.
? Supports names as names of tables.
? Supports remote status.
? Supports schedules.
? Supports macros.
? Supports SQL file copying.
? Supports SQL file scheduling.
? Supports SQL file backup.
? Supports SQL file restore.
? Supports SQL file editing.
? Supports SQL file compression.
? Supports file properties.
? Supports pager.
? Supports database management.
? Supports database maintenance.
? Supports object management.
? Supports object maintenance.
? Supports table management.
? Supports table maintenance.
? Supports field management.
? Supports field maintenance.
? Supports index management.
? Supports index maintenance.
? Supports scheme management.
? Supports scheme maintenance.
? Supports query management.
? Supports query maintenance.
? Supports options management.
? Supports options

TroSQL Free 1.10


TroSQL Free 1.10 Download

– Allows the user to work safely with MySQL tables and databases, without any fear of deleting something he doesn’t need.
– Supports 50+ types of queries, and many operations such as creation of tables, drop, etc.
– Allows you to display data by tables, fields and queries.
– Allows you to modify tables, fields and queries.
– Allows you to perform database repair.
– Allows you to import files with data, and export files with data.
– Allows you to delete tables and databases.
– Supports importing Excel files, and several date formats.
– Supports changing the names, descriptions, attributes, permissions, character sets, etc. of your tables, fields, databases and indices.
– Provides support for transactions.
– You can create multiple projects and databases.
– Supports mysql-root, mysql-root2, mysql-root3, etc.
– Allows you to see the contents of files, database, etc.
– Lists all the tables, fields and indexes, including their contents, order and permissions.
– Allows you to export all the MySQL tables, indexes, etc.
– Allows you to perform hardware/database performance tests (CPU and memory).
– Allows you to search for errors that occur during your work on your databases.
– Allows you to export your work as SQL statements, etc.
– Allows you to work on all the MySQL objects, such as tables, fields, databases and indexes, etc.
– Allows you to import your work.
– Supports the creation of MySQL view, functions and triggers.
– Supports images.
– Allows you to search for errors.
– Allows you to change the date format.
– Allows you to export your work as SQL.
– Allows you to import your work.
– Supports Images, list, database, table, and text format.
– Allows you to export and import records.
– Supports scheduled backups.
– Allows you to export tables and databases to files.
– Allows you to change the names of tables, fields and indexes.
– Allows you to change values in tables, fields and indexes.
– Allows you to disable backups.
– Allows you to import.
– Supports transactions.
– Allows you to drop databases.
– Allows you to perform hardware/database performance tests.
– Supports detecting database errors and correcting them.
– Supports searching databases.
– Allows you to export your work as SQL.
– Supports Sub

What’s New in the?

TosQL Free is a comprehensive database application that is designed to support you in all your daily activities.
It was developed with the purpose of making database and server administration a faster and more efficient process, while also ensuring that one’s privacy is not compromised.
The program can be used in your home computer or it can be installed on a server or even on a cloud server in the case of a professional installation.
TosQL Free comes with a standard toolbar that allows the user to easily discover the features of the program in just a few seconds.
The first thing that it offers is a help system that provides users with a lot of information on how to use the program by using its vast examples, as well as the tutorials.
The program also comes with a configuration panel that gives a one-stop-shop overview for all of the important settings that the users need in order to be able to work with the tools more efficiently.
The most important and unique feature of the program is the fact that it is completely free, which means that users are never required to pay a dime in order to use it.
The features of the program are as follows:

What is new in official TosQL Free 1.13 software version? – New Release. What is expected in the future? Newly-made TosQL Free 1.13 be downloaded from current page, we also looking forward to unconfirmed 1.14 release build. You may download tosqlfree_1.13.exe directly, estimated download time by ISDN or CDMA [~128 Kb/s], complete download [135.8 Mb] will take you more than 180 days. What is TPB TosQL Free 1.13 download notes before you download? Almost all software has a folder called “Readme”, it will give you detail about how to install the program. System requirements are shown below.

System requirements for TosQL Free

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000

Programs: Microsoft Access, MS Excel, MS Word

Other: It supports MySQL or MSSQL database, MS Excel

TroSQL Free Editor Screenshot

TroSQL Free Installer Screenshot

TroSQL Free User Interface (Xtra Large)

TroSQL Free User Interface (Xtra Large)

TroSQL Free User Interface (Large)

TroSQL Free User Interface (Medium)

TroSQL Free User Interface (Standard)


System Requirements For TroSQL Free:

For optimal play experience, your system should meet the following requirements:
CPU: Intel Core i5 4590 @ 3.0 GHz
OS: 64-bit OS (Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 7)
HDD: 20 GB
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 5750
Additional requirements may apply in specific game modes and/or maps.
System requirements are subject to change and are not guaranteed.
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