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Tarzan X Shame Of Jane

Tarzan X Shame Of Jane

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Tarzan X Shame Of Jane

Tarzan X–Shame of Jane
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Tarzan X–The Shame Of Jane
Tarzan X—Shame of Jane
Tarzan X—The Shame of Jane

The film has also been called Tarzan X: The Shame of Jane and, as Tarzan the True Story of the Son of the Jungle (instead of the alternate title), Tarzan X, The Shame Of Jane.

The film was financed by RKO Pictures. The screenplay was adapted by Seymour Kneitel from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes, as well as Kneitel’s two earlier Tarzan novels, Tarzan and His Mate and Tarzan and the Mermaids. Like Burroughs’ novels, the film would be first-person narrative (rather than third-person) and would be in the adventures and exploits of the title character.

The film was shot in the Spanish border area of Cuenca, with no location footage shot in England.


Innocent Lane as Tarzan
Lois Wilson as Jane

Duncan Harrington as Harold
Jim Farrell as Charles
Bill Burns as Doctor
George Mitchell as Michael
Henry Brandon as Pa
Charles MacDonald as Lion
Robert Dorton as Lady

It was announced late 1953 that the film would be produced by Charles Rogers. The film would be the first to star actor and comedian Duncan Harrington, who was at that time best known as star of the radio show The Big Show.

The Tarzan-Burroughs character had a much longer history than the film; the character first appeared as an incidental character (and friend) in a number of novels, including the original five Tarzan novels that Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote for the first time. Burroughs began the character’s development in the 1912 serialized story “The Boy Tarzan”, which was later included in The Son of Tarzan (1913). Burroughs created the character as a means to demonstrate the elements of a naturalist education and environment he believed would prevent youth from becoming alienated from nature. He used Tarzan as a means to express his ideas on child rearing and to demonstrate that children should not be treated as “things” but should learn to become self-sufficient adults. In the first five Tarzan novels, Burroughs wrote about Tarzan’s increasing independence and adventure.

In Burrough

Tarzan X—Shame of Jane is a 1964 Swedish feature film written by Åke Strömstedt and directed by Leif Carlberg. It was released by Svensk Filmindustri as the 27th chapter in the popular Tarzan film series. The film starred Anders Nygren as Tarzan. It is the second to last of the first Tarzan films to be produced, and the last to be produced after the changes in the film industry during the 1960s.


Tarzan, accompanied by “Jane” the chimpanzee, is wandering in the jungle. Suddenly, Jane runs off and Tarzan chases her into a cave. There, Jane gives Tarzan a message from her master, Ludwig van Beethoven, a famous composer. In the message, Beethoven claims that the creatures from different planets have chosen Jane as their Empress. Now the position of the Empress is to be chosen by the House of Tarzan. If Tarzan can win the election and unite the different animal clans of the jungle, he will become the new emperor of all the animals of the jungle.

This was originally to be the final Tarzan film, but it was subsequently turned into a sequel, Tarzan and the Valley of Gold, using the same story and some of the same characters.

Anders Nygren as Tarzan / Tarzan X
Evert Taube as Ludwig van Beethoven
Jakob Silfverberg as Beethoven’s butler
Norman Price as Tarzan’s father, an elderly Tarzan (who appears in a flashback in the film)
Jenny Dahlberg as Jane the chimpanzee (who appears in a flashback in the film)


In 1961, Carl Berg had written a treatment that set the last Tarzan movie, Tarzan, the Ape Man, in the then-proposed Valley of the Lost Dogs, a broad, empty area that stretched from the Black Sea to the Sahara. Berg proposed to make this movie in a different setting than he had originally planned for the series, but also with various new characters. After this idea was met with resistance by director Ralph Wattis, Carl Berg retired from writing the Tarzan script to concentrate on his other projects.

In 1963, a new Tarzan movie, Tarzan and the Valley of Gold was released. The film was produced by Ingmar Bergman and filmed

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(alternate American title, Shoeless Tarzan (UK); a.k.a. Tarzan & Shame of Jane)
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