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SO-Log Crack+ Free License Key [March-2022]

Scope: An entertaining flight-action game designed to test your skills in both crew and shooting. The game challenges players to defeat a series of enemies and bosses using a diverse range of weapons. The game also has its own two-player mode to challenge friends and loved ones. Features:

Two-player co-op game mode

Play online against the AI or against friends

Characters & Weapons:

Generates a list of all the weapons and characters available

Character Images and Video

Playable Characters:

Invulnerable Pilots


Heavy Gunner


Mining Cutter

SP Controller & Engineer

Nova Starfighter


Bug Gun

Box Gun



First-Person Shooter:

None available

Flight View:

None available

Online Multiplayer:

None available

Multiplayer Gameplay:

Players can choose one or two players

Game Modes:

Story Mode

Free Play

Game Manual:

The game manual is supplied on the game disc

Diablo III: Sanctuary of the Highborne

Scope: The Diablo III Special Edition includes an epic storyline that will challenge players to explore the world of Sanctuary as a new powerful hero. Features:

The Diablo III Special Edition includes the Diablo III game with all the bonus features mentioned below:

Story Campaign

Story mode features a choice-driven story that lets you experience the campaign from multiple perspectives. Through an epic story, featuring all the elements of the Diablo saga, players become a new powerful hero as they fight to save the mortal world from the forces of the Burning Hells. Players can choose to follow the storyline as one of four unique characters, or tackle the challenges of the game alone as a powerful Chosen of the Rastakhan.

Bonus Features


Complete game manual


Soundtrack CD

Soundtrack book

Character access code

Diablo III: Sanctuary of the Highborne includes the Diablo III game with all the bonus features mentioned above:

Story Campaign

Story mode features a choice-driven story that lets you experience the campaign from multiple perspectives. Through an epic story, featuring all the elements of the Diablo saga, players become a new powerful hero as they fight to save the mortal world from the forces of the

SO-Log Crack+

If you are looking into ways of turning your geotechnical engineering project into a success, resorting to an application such as SO-Log could be a great idea since you would have close at hand an approachable method of generating boring logs.
First and foremost, it should be pointed out that the software utility sports an intuitive user interface that allows you to compile data-rich logs comprising all the details about the tests that have been previously carried out.
Helps you generate boring logs
Being oriented towards accuracy, the application is capable of checking the data compatibility and informing you about any errors that might be encountered. The program comes with support for reverse geocoding, and viewing your boring logs in up to 9 portrait and landscape formats is possible.
It should also be said that the Settings window allows you to select the depth per page and marking divisions that are suitable for you as well as indicate the way output logs are sorted. Moreover, specifying when fine-grained soils should be considered hard is possible.
It is also worth pointing out that both Standard Penetration Tests and Dynamic Probing tests can be employed when handling boreholes and test pits.
Oriented towards accuracy
Another feature we would like to bring into discussion is the so-called smart layering, which translates to the fact that layering can be done automatically using a series of criteria such as organic fines, soil classification, boulders and cobbles, and percentage of particles.
As regards the output options you are offered, you might be interested to know that PDF and XPS are the file formats you can export your boring logs to. Aside from that, it should be noted that your output files could have a small size, despite the data they include.
On an ending note, SO-Log is a well put-together program that offers the means of generating boring logs that accurately reflect the results of the tests carried out within a geotechnical engineering project.
• User-friendly
• 100% cloud based
• Supported file format: PDF
• Filtered logs: Displays results by soil type
• PDF output logs size – 25 pgs
• PDF output filters: Sort, Order and filter results according to test site; and filter according to Soil Type and Penetration Depth.
• Greyscale, Full colour & Zoom in. Zoom out of the map/log display
• Map display in any of the following: Landscape, Portrait, A4, Letter and Parchment (can

SO-Log Crack+ Keygen Full Version

Log analysis software for soil and rock boring

Log analysis software for precise hole placement and log content interpretation

SO-Log offers sophisticated logfile analysis that ensures you get the most relevant data and ensure the safest method of boring. The software is capable of generating boring logs with data provided by various sources and tools.

SO-Log offers outstanding log analysis features that help you get the most out of your project. The application allows you to generate boring logs and analyse them in-depth.

It allows you to analyse your borehole performance, meaning you would not have to perform boring tests at random depths. By applying the software, you can assess the exact suitability of each part of the soil or rock for the purpose of boring.

Overall, the application is capable of generating any report, including 6 types of bored logs.

Works with:

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What’s New In SO-Log?

SO-Log is designed to generate boring logs for construction & mining projects. It generates a log report of boring/rock log which contains the value of parameters as explained as below:

1. Logging results – The best results, what you have known
2. Lodes and Larger Lode – The position and the length of the lode based on the geological concept.
3. Measured values and its comparison with the values of actual drilling(all drilling results and all drill holes and well holes), and major drilling logs and profiles.
4. Pre-drill boring logs with cross sections.
5. The details of borehole and its depth.
6. The number of boreholes of different materials, with the number of drill holes of different grades, soil, rock and drilling materials.
7. The soil layer structure based on the engineering concept.
8. Soil and rock classification based on the engineering concept.
9. Calculate the amount of rock to produce.
10. The percentage of drilled holes to make drilling calculation.

Drill Matrix are

1. The hole is arranged according to the borehole and the direction of drilling.(The size of the hole, the amount of drilling materials, the drilling method and angle of drilling)
2. The soil layer based on the engineering concept.
3. The percentage of drilling holes based on the engineering concept.
4. Cross sectional structure based on the engineering concept.
5. Amount of crushed rock based on the engineering concept.

Crush Matrix are

1. Crushed rock and its type.
2. The amount of crushed rock.
3. The percentage of crushed rock.
4. The amount of concrete based on the engineering concept.
5. The percentage of concrete.
6. The amount of soil.
7. The percentage of soil.

Self Leveling and Hydraulic leveler are

1. The number of leveler, and the grade of cross section.
2. The soil degree.
3. The soil classification.
4. The thickness and the percentage of distance to be leveled.
5. The distance from the base of the main rock mass to the rock mass.
6. The number of piles, and the grade of cross section.
7. The efficiency of the pile.

SO-Log Features

1. Compatible with many kinds of drilling equipment.
2. Compatible with many

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Processor: 1.4 GHz (minimum)
Memory: 1 GB (minimum)
Graphics: 64 MB
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband internet connection
Hard Drive: 2 GB of free space
Video Card: The latest Radeon™ HD graphics card
Sound Card: Windows® 7 drivers required
See the links below for our recommended specs, but they can also change without notice.



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