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Saints Row Iv [PORTABLE] Crack 122


Saints Row Iv Crack 122

playa spots senator vancamp in the audience, who informs playa that he wants to meet the saints. playa then sees the third street saints boss dex, who tells him that he was wrong to leave them, and he wants his gang back. playa then gives him his job back, and dex is impressed by his skills. the saints then show up to the meeting with the senator, and playa tells him that he needs to broadcast the saints message to the people of steelport.

playa can be accessed via the key codes found in saints row, saints row: gat out of hell, and saints row: the third. the key codes will give the player the option to replace the clothing worn by the character and change the appearance. these key codes are only available in the english version of the game. [59]

playa, shaundi, pierce and oleg set out to beat up bad mojo and steal his power from a skull, but they quickly find out it is one of the only remaining big muthas. after defeating mojo, playa, shaundi, oleg, and pierce meet up with viola dewynter and the saints beat the shit out of luchadores working for her. viola then tells them about stag and says that the morningstar are going to move out of the stilwater area, and playa and the saints track them down to the morningstar’s mothership in the sky. they fight the morningstar in a battle of heavies, and once the battle is won, the saints claim the mothership for themselves, and then chase down the morningstar to steelport.

playa and the saints arrive in steelport, and then they take over the 3 count casino, where they set up a casino for themselves, and then begin moving in on the remaining casinos in steelport. viola dewynter then suggests that the saints take over the port, which is owned by kravitz, and uses his interest to get him to support the saints [59] . in order to do this, playa and the saints attack the port for the last time, and then make a deal with kravitz to keep the port, with the saints taking it off his hands and taking it from him. [60] . the deal is made on the morning of the saints’ first day in steelport, and then the saints begin to split up. playa finds out that viola is a double agent and is actually working with killbane, but then he is attacked by killbane’s luchadores in the 3 count casino and then rescued by shaundi and pierce. [61] playa, shaundi and pierce then go back to saints hq where they find out viola is a double agent, and then they get into a fight with a pair of morningstar’s goons, and then another fight with morningstar himself. after getting the hell beat out of them, morningstar retreats back to his ship, and then the saints catch up with him and destroy the ship. [62] .

playa, jimmy and pierce arrive at the grand hotel to see johnny gat and his cloned buddies. johnny gat and his buddies from the other side of the cloning know who playa and jimmy are and are impressed, and they get a private tour of the hotel, where they meet the saints. playa and pierce find out that the clone gangsterz had stolen the cloned flow and were using it to give themselves superpowers, and they manage to steal the flow from the gangsterz [167] . johnny gat gives his blessing for playa and pierce to get revenge on the saints, and they all head to smiling jack’s to meet with zimmy and the gang [168] . at the bar, zimmy tells them the saints have the flow, and playa tells him where they are, but zimmy refuses to go to get it, as he is not a member of the saints, but instead a member of the cloned gang, and they will beat him up if he goes there. [169] playa tells zimmy that he knows of his brother. when jimmy is lured by zimmy into a trap with traps, playa and pierce come to his rescue, and get into a fight with zimmy, while jimmy punches him, causing the traps to explode, killing zimmy [170] . playa and pierce follow jimmy, and they hear a gunshot, and see jimmy and the clone gangsters attacking jimmy’s friends and forcing them to leave with them [171] . playa goes into the room where the clones were having their initiation, and finds the rest of the gang, who attack him, but he manages to kill them. playa steals the clone flow from the other side of the cloning room and returns to jimmy, who says the saints aren’t going to give up the flow without a fight, and they are going to go to the meeting place, but playa tells jimmy that zimmy killed the rest of the gang, and jimmy is going to get the flow back from the saints. playa knocks jimmy out and takes him to the meeting place, where zimmy is waiting. playa talks to zimmy, and zimmy agrees to give the saints the flow [172] , as long as they leave zimmy alive. playa kills zimmy and takes the flow back to the saints.


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