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Researcher Full Version Free Download

If you’re looking for a straightforward word processor to compose your notes and personal to-do lists, Researcher is definitely for you. Researcher is an easy-to-use and intuitive application for composers. The interface is user-friendly, and it allows you to make annotations easily.
Colorful and simple user interface
The document-writing functionality offered by Researcher is very simple, as it’s always easy to make annotations. The editor supports RTF, TXT, and HTML documents, for the conversion of other file formats. To convert a web page into a formatted document, the program allows you to paste the URL in the desired place in the composition. Besides that, you can import digital images, and the text can be styled with different fonts, sizes, and colors.
Search features
Furthermore, it allows you to look up particular words that you want to insert, without having to go through every single file on your computer. Even if you compose the texts directly from the web or other file formats, the program provides advanced and powerful search features, to speed up your work.
Edit images from the clipboard
If you have something copied to the clipboard, then the program recognizes it as a new note and inserts the information automatically. This feature supports several types of documents, like PDFs, emails, and HTML pages. You can also insert hyperlinks, and then retrieve the data from a web page.
Easy and intuitive approach
Researcher offers a customized environment, where you can easily access several options, such as word count, toggling between different pages, etc. The floating window is also available, and it stays on top of the other applications.
Colorful and simple user interface
Lightning fast response
Works well on all your devices
The program does not work with all versions of Microsoft Office

The trial of the application is limited to one trial use.
You can contact the application support team with any questions or technical problems.


Retina-ready, fast and responsive interface
A good word processor that is always up to the job and ready to serve its customers. The interface is colorful and offers a responsive and intuitive view of the document to see all the changes that are made. It features more than 60 styles, and it supports RTF, TXT, and HTML file formats for the conversion of other files. Besides that, it offers several features that help you edit every aspect of your document, such as

Researcher [32|64bit]

Compose and view documents.
Sharing documents and storing records.
Give lectures, presentations, and reports.
Create, view, and manage schedules.
Work and consult.
Work with databases.
Print documents and save photos.
What’s New in 2.20.01
Fixed a bug that broke support for RTF files in some situations.
Improved the presentation of the Notes window when in floating mode.
Changed the layout of the Note dialog.
Fixed a bug that prevented a page break in some cases.
Unlocked the Windows.h header file.
Fixed a bug that prevented the Notes window from being resized to some larger values.
Fixed a crash that occurred when copying or pasting specific symbols.
Fixed a bug that caused the embedded version of the header to be misrendered in some situations.
Added the ability to display some Unicode characters.
Added an option to remove the inserted credits from the footer.
Reorganized the footer.
Added a support for path for all devices.



Text editor with various text formatting options;
Supports over 22 different languages including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and others;
Highly customizable UI features like TextFX, Session Ex (Automated Scrapping), and Plugins;
Auto-detection of the file types;
You can install a plugin for adding or removing multiple formattings;


From the document you had linked:
LibreOffice Writer

The standard word processor.
Its main features are:

Collaborative editing.
This means that documents can be edited by several users simultaneously.
This also means that documents can be stored and modified in several ways simultaneously.
If you send a document to a friend, you can save the edited document, let him/her work on it, and continue editing the document by yourself.
If you send several documents to your friend at the same time, they can all be edited simultaneously.
In this way, your documents can be edited by several people at once and several changes at the same time can be applied to the same document.
You can do this both in offline mode and in the internet-connected mode.
The document can be saved and can be sent via email, FTP, etc.

Researcher Activator

• Stylish layout
• Write and insert pictures from the clipboard
• Edit hyperlinks
• Customize your text with text formatting
• Display authors’ names as part of the citations
• Search for words
• Exports to and converts various formats
• Auto-synchronizes word count with Microsoft Word’s count
• Read and write EPUB and.txt files
• Inline URLs into text
• Find background information with built-in internet search
Key Features:
• Researcher is composed of a familiar and intuitive interface with custom tools and small features.
• Researcher is entirely customizable:
• Change the color and font styles
• Edit hyperlinks
• Change the paragraph style
• Use different fonts
• Insert a custom picture from the clipboard
• Keep track of words with the word count
• Use the find and replace function
• Save your list in EPUB or HTML
• Synchronize word count with Microsoft Word’s
• Edit your text with line styles
• Collapse and expand content
• View a selection, including Unicode
• Export to and convert numerous formats
• Customize your keyboard shortcuts
• Stay on top of other open applications
• Browse through your document without scrolling
• Read and write EPUB and.txt files
• Customize your appearance
• Inline URLs into text
• Search for words
• Select one or multiple authors for citations
• View information from a website
• Use custom backgrounds
• Change the background color
• Reorder the toolbar
• Display the toolbar’s icons in any position
• Access settings by double-clicking the settings icon
• Researcher is easy to learn and use, since it provides many useful features for creating documents.
• Activate each feature by using only a few clicks, so you don’t have to spend your time manipulating the program’s interface.
• The toolbar is well-organized to give you a simple access to many features, without having to spend your time on selecting menus and submenus.
• Search for words while composing a document, for a quick document creation and search.
• Use the read and write EPUB and.txt files functions to export and convert documents.

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What’s New in the?

If you ever need to write a paper in a hurry, Researcher might be a great solution. It comes bundled only with several standard elements, to offer a simple and practical method to compose notations, drafts, and small documents and save them on the computer. The provided interface is simplistic and self-explanatory, consisting of a single window with various toolbars positioned in multiple locations.
Straightforward and user-friendly layout
It comes bundled only with several standard elements, to offer a simple and practical method to compose notations, drafts, and small documents and save them on the computer. The provided interface is simplistic and self-explanatory, consisting of a single window with various toolbars positioned in multiple locations.
A nice option is the adopted floating mode that can be quickly switched between different windows and stays on top of other applications, for swift edit and insertion. The supported file formats are RTF, TXT and HTM. The view can be toggled between large or small mode, while at the bottom of the panel, it displays the word and character count.
Personalize the content with several elements and retrieve data from websites
If you have a text copied to the clipboard, the green arrow automatically inserts it into the processor, for further editing. It also recognizes hyperlinks, and can fetch information from a webpage. All you need to do is type in the complete URL, and the composition is displayed.
In addition, it offers the ability to enter citations from different authors, by just inputting the necessary details in the panel. Regarding the formatting elements, the options are few, among which you can find font types, colors, styles, sizes, paragraph alignment, as well as images, date and time insertion. It’s possible to look up for particular words using the search feature.
To sum it up
Taking everything into consideration, Researcher is a useful and intuitive program that comes in handy for those who just want a simple yet efficient word processor, to quickly compose notes, documents, and personal to-do lists.



System Requirements:

Processor: Intel i5 6200U or better
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 2GB or AMD Radeon R9 M265
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 50 GB available space
Sound card with digital outputs
Additional Notes:
Manual installation is required
May cause game-crashes upon first launch
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