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Pink Teens Net Larisa And Kristina Video 8 🎆

Pink Teens Net Larisa And Kristina Video 8 🎆


Pink Teens Net Larisa And Kristina Video 8

Pink Teens Net Larisa And Kristina Video 8
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PHP Dom Nodes Name Generating

The following DIVs are duplicated and comes as there is no CSS being applied to it,

In the above output, I want to get the node name “div” and then the value
as display:inline-block as there is no CSS applied to it.
The node name is all the same.
So basically, I want to generate the following.

If the above explained is in way confusing, please let me know.


You can use DOMXPath::query() to fetch divs only, with a bit of regexp manipulation:
$divs = $xpath->query(‘//div’);
$sorted = array();
foreach ($divs as $div) {
preg_match(‘@[^ ]+@’, $div->nodeValue, $matches);
$sorted[] = array(
‘class’ => $matches[0],
‘text’ => $div->nodeValue


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