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This tutorial demonstrates the use of all the essential features of Photoshop. It aims to help those of you who wish to learn how to use Photoshop step by step with some of the most common image editing tasks.

What are Photoshop’s most common uses?

There are many applications to Photoshop which can be broken down into two broad areas:

Manipulating images — creating and modifying images

— creating and modifying images Creating documents — such as brochures, logos, business cards, e-mail signatures, letterhead, etc.

While Photoshop may have many features, it’s this first use — image manipulation — that is commonly used and most important.

That said, I’ll show you some other uses later on in the tutorial.

Getting Started with Photoshop

I’ll use a fairly high-resolution file of a “Cosmic Shower” picture — 750dpi pixels, so that you can see the full-size version of the images.

You can download the whole image at the following link:

Cosmic Shower Portrait — 750dpi

To start off, simply open Photoshop and make a new document.

To get started with Photoshop, click on File » New, then click on Photoshop Document, and you’ll see the following window:

Click on Photoshop Document to get started.

This will open the Photoshop Document window (refer to screen 1).

The first step is to fix the size of the window.

To do this, drag the right or left side bars so that they contain all the pixel information for the window. You want to make sure that the Width and Height are the same size.

Then, click on the Image Size button.

Then, click on the Width and Height options and you can change the Height and Width (refer to screen 2).

Now you can drag the bottom and top bars to the desired sizes. I’m going to make it 200 pixels. That gives me an 8-inch square editing canvas area.

Now, create a new layer and give it a name such as Background. I’m going to use a Hue/Saturation adjustment for the artwork.

I’ll create a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, make it a default adjustment layer, and then use Hue/Saturation to adjust the colors of the image.

The settings I’ll use for this specific image

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Since the program operates in a different way, you must also learn a new set of features and be aware of its limitations. You have to know how to manipulate the layers and use filters.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to Photoshop Elements by readers of How to Draw, Photoshop, gaming and anime. They all shared their tips on using Photoshop elements.

Read the tutorial (open it in a new tab) or scroll down to check out the related posts:

What do I need for Photoshop Elements?

You may not need a specific model of a camera or an external monitor. But you need at least a laptop or desktop computer and a version of Adobe Photoshop Elements in order to run the program.

You must have a user account on Adobe Photoshop Elements. This feature is free for a 30-day trial, but after that, you have to purchase the application to use it.

You need at least an 8 GB hard drive to install the program. You can’t install the version of Adobe Photoshop Elements on a thumb drive or an external hard drive.

You may need to download the Adobe Photoshop Elements Toolbox and the DVD version of Photoshop Creative Suite in order to fully use Photoshop Elements. You can download these components from the Adobe website.

How to use Adobe Photoshop Elements with Mac and PC?

If you use Windows or a Mac as your computer, you need to install Adobe Photoshop Elements on both machines. In macOS, you can install the software by opening the application directly from the Mac App Store.

You need to download the disk image of the application from the Adobe website and install it on a removable disk, an external hard drive, or a flash drive.

As with any other program, you can install the program on multiple machines. But you have to download the same disk image for each computer.

You can install the program in offline mode as well. In this mode, you can download the software in the background and use it while on a plane or on a train or in an Internet cafe.

How to install Adobe Photoshop Elements on Mac

If you are using macOS Sierra or macOS High Sierra, you don’t have to install Adobe Photoshop Elements separately. But you have to download the right Adobe Photoshop Elements application.

If you have the full version of Photoshop Elements, you can click on the application icon on the macOS desktop. The application opens

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Selecting hash key values in a map (java)

Say I have a map that contains a bunch of key/values in this format:
Map> map = new HashMap>();
List list1 = new ArrayList();
List list2 = new ArrayList();

map.put(“a”, list1);
map.put(“b”, list2);

If I now select the values using:

I want the output to be “list1”. The above will only select a specific value from list1, but I want the result to be list1. Is there any easy way to accomplish this?
I am not worried about what to do with the empty values, I just want to know how to select a list of values from a map and return the list.


You can just iterate the List:
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What is the best way to handle the conversion of a text file to XML in Python?

I have a text file that looks like this:
Time: 07:31:27 04/15/2018

ID: 10123

Name: Test Name

I am trying to convert it to a xml file like this:

07:31:27 04/15/2018

This is what I have tried so far:
inpFile = open(inpFile, ‘r’)
outFile = open(outFile, ‘w’)

for line in inpFile:
l = line.rstrip()
# split the line to assign the key and the value
name, date = line.split()
# convert to time and assign the date
time = datetime.datetime.strptime(date, “%H:%M:%S”)
value = time.strftime(‘%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:

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