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Mitec WMI Explorer Crack Free Download X64 [March-2022]

Mitec WMI Explorer allows this software to monitor and control some of the managed resources throughout the network
WMI is an acronym for Windows Management Instrumentation.







Mitec WMI Explorer Crack+ [Latest] 2022

WMI Explorer is a stand-alone client application that runs as a simple MMC snap-in in which a “Data Collector” can be created. WMI Explorer is a tool to monitor and manage computer systems by reading and writing WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) objects. WMI Explorer is the first Windows management instrumentation client to provide native COM interfaces and.NET interoperability.
WMI Explorer has the following advantages over other WMI Tools:
路 Advanced Content Types can be added to the access control list and the WMI schema can be updated online by editing the WMI schema editor.
路 The WMI Schema Editor supports cut and paste in the same way the MMC does.
路 WMI Explorer can execute GET, SET and USE commands against remote WMI objects. It also has interface to SET and USE commands to control local WMI objects.
路 The WMI Snap-in is started automatically when WMI Explorer loads.
路 The WMI Snap-in is automatically de-activated when WMI Explorer closes.
路 WMI Explorer can be installed in as many computers as required to manage all the computer.
路 The WMI Schema Editor is used to update the WMI Schema online.
路 WMI Explorer supports all interface types that are used by MMC such as Add/Remove, Connect, Host, Install, Migrate, Online, Query, Uninstall, Update and Query WMI.
路 WMI Explorer supports all content types that are used by MMC like NTUSER, Winlogon, Winpolicy, Winlogon, LocalService, RemoteService, Winpe, SMBuser, Applications, Appmgr, Appmgr, Appmgr, Desktop, Desktop, desktop, Domain, Domain, domain, Domain, Registry, and current user.
路 These object can be read by WMI Explorer directly or it can be written from other applications.
路 There is an option to select which interface types should be available from the Schema Editor.

Ease of use:


Compatibility with other tools:


Quality of support:

Does this paper have any supplemental materials?

Yes! An article by the authors has been released and available to download. Please click here for more details.

Can someone please review this tool and let me know? I just need to know if it makes sense to use it on a windows server 2008 box.

Mitec WMI Explorer License Key

Mitec WMI Explorer is a software that is designed to support Windows management software and allow
for functionality beyond what WMI does alone.
Mitec WMI Explorer has been designed to make the collection of information from WMI, plus other
information such as file system, registry, and NTFS structures is easy to use and not dependent on software
not being installed.
Mitec WMI Explorer provides a nice user interface into WMI information. You simply launch Mitec
WMI Explorer, browse to the registry location or directory you wish to collect information from and a
list of output files will be generated.
Mitec WMI Explorer is designed for usage on both client and server systems. It can be used to access
your networks resources on both client and server or you can install Mitec WMI Explorer on a server
and use it to assist with monitoring and configuration of client systems.
Mitec WMI Explorer provides a nice user interface into Windows Management and allows the user to
focus on collecting information from the particular hardware or software resources instead of having to
determine what the best WMI query is to get this information.
Mitec WMI Explorer Features:
Mitec WMI Explorer has the following features:
* Offline support
* Security is built into the WMI query
* WMI operators to launch remote management tools
* Configuration information from hardware and software is saved to files and a database
* WMI operators can be automated (scripted)
* A nice user interface
* Broadens the range of information that WMI can report
* Easy to use
Mitec WMI Explorer is very flexible, but is limited by the WMI configuration used to configure it.
For example, if the query was constructed on a Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, or Windows
Server 2008 R2 the database will be created with the appropriate database structure and tables for that
specific server. If you wish to modify the WMI structure used to configure Mitec WMI Explorer you
must modify the specific query being used to query the WMI information.
You can use the query tab or the data sources tab to build a query. The query tab is used to build a
query that can be started at any time.
The data sources tab is designed to allow the collection of information on any resource on the
The query tab is used to build a query to query WMI information

Mitec WMI Explorer Crack + Keygen Full Version [Win/Mac] 2022 [New]

Mitec WMI Explorer is a stand-alone window for WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) providing extensive monitoring and management operations of the entire network.
Mitec WMI Explorer Features and Limitations:
Easy to use main window for monitoring and controlling on-line managed resources (Servers, Service Packs, Adapters, IP Phones and Routers) in real time. User can perform following monitoring operations: View all data in the form of a tree structure that shows all managed resources and their sub-components and their property values for both monitoring fields and properties.
See property values of all managed resources and their sub-components in their own window allowing user to change the property value of each component of managed resources and its sub-components.
Compare property values of each component with all property values of the whole managed resource in order to pick up the property change in each sub-component. For example: If a wireless router has a sub-component (Name, Value) as (test.router, xyz), user can compare test.router property value as ‘xyz’ with the property value of the wireless router (test.router, Name) as “test.router”.
Compare property values of all managed resource with a given property or another property or group of properties and make selection or deselection of properties
There are predefined views and events for monitoring and managing managed resources and their sub-components. Select any managed resource from tree structure and property values of selected managed resource are displayed in property window of the selected managed resource or in its sub-components window.


User can define/edit own views and events in the form of MSWMI watch properties defined by the user and filter managed resources by the custom display of various properties of the resources, sub-components and components.
View and edit certain properties of each managed resource and sub-components of the selected resource. For example, property of the sub-component (test.router, Name) of wireless router (test.router, Value) can be set or changed to the value that user entered. For other monitored managed resources, their sub-components and components, User can view and edit their properties to check if the property value of the resources has been changed. For instance, If a value of test.router is changing from the value of xyz, user can change the property value of test.router from xyz to test

What’s New In Mitec WMI Explorer?

Mitec WMI Explorer is a free Windows management software which is allowed to monitor and control some of the managed resources throughout the network. Any resources which are running on other OS like Linux, Mac OS, BSD… are supported by this software.
Operating Systems:
Mitec WMI Explorer runs on Windows 2000/XP/7

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System Requirements:

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Additional Notes:
If you experience any problems running the demo, please contact us directly at or through our Facebook page.
For the best performance, install the demo on a separate hard drive.
The full version of the game requires the AC3-compatible, DVD-quality version of the game soundtrack




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