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´╗┐@model bool

//page title
ViewBag.Title = Model.HasTopLevelSelections? “All Selections are Empty” : “No Selections are Empty”;

$(document).ready(function () {
$(‘.js-get-selections-for-all-checkbox’).on(‘change’, function () {
var isChecked = $(this).is(‘:checked’);
if (isChecked) {
url: ‘/api/get-selections-for-all’,
type: ‘POST’,
dataType: ‘json’,
success: function (data) {
var selectionsForAll = data.SelectionsForAll;
//this is the page to which we want to redirect back after
window.location = “@Html.Raw(Url.Encode(string.Join(“#”, selectionsForAll)))”;

@if (Model.HasTopLevelSelections) {
using (Html.BeginForm()) {


As mentioned above, this deformation is often due to the little or non-existent binding of the wrapping material to the surface. It leads to the formation of microvoids at the interface. Because such microvoids are formed parallel to the surface, they can be successfully filled only with a solid body. However, if the microvoids are perpendicular to the surface, then the filling material can only pass along the center of the microvoid. After filling, the material can no longer adhere to the surface. When an attempt is made to seal the material, the deformed material is pressed against the surface, and therefore, an adhesive bond is formed. However, the formation of such adhesive bonds involves deformation of the wrapping material and is therefore more difficult.At best, it is hardly possible to obtain closure of the deformed layers. At worst, only the thin edges of the wrapped body are anchored to the wrapping material. In the latter case, the deformation cannot be rectified and can lead to a rejection of the packaging, in particular in the area of the thin edges.
In order to obtain proper sealing, it is necessary to form a weld seam on the surface of the wrapped body. This can be achieved on a laboratory scale only by expensive equipment. We have previously proposed a process for the production of weld seams with a moderately high width. The weld seam has a coarse surface structure and a large surface area. Adhesive bonds are formed as a result of the microvoids. A process of this kind is described in German Patent DE 195 44 211 C1. The wrapping material with adhesively bonded deformed regions is placed on a heating plate in a vacuum chamber so as to deform and form the adhesively bonded deformed regions to the heating plate. The wrapping material is heated by radiant heat and stretched by the vacuum in order to remove the air from the microvoids. The stretching force is generated by the displacement of the wrapping material and the vacuum, which, along with the adhesive bonds, form a welding seam.
In the direct welding process, as described in German Patent DE 195 44 211 C1, a process is needed in which a weld seam is formed on a body, for example a wrapping material. The formation of the weld seam and the deformation of the wrapping material are simultaneous. The wrapping material remains in a stretched and shaped state during the entire welding process, and the adhesive bonds form at the same time. In a further application, which we use for the packaging of objects that have a



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