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Lord Of The Rings Conquest Razor Crack Fix

well, i wouldnt have much of a problem with that. its not like i hate the poor and especially not if theyre suffering. its just that i dont want to be around to see the slow progression of it, i wouldd rather they just disappear and never exist again.

depends on how well the government can respond to a sudden surge in the number of people without jobs. a good government that enforced a minimum wage, forced overtime, found people a job quickly, etc. would be able to respond and respond well to this situation. the basic problem would be that businesses werent going to want to employ the new people, because their return on investment would be less than what theyre losing on the old people. if theres no incentive for business to hire the new people, it woud be pointless to raise minimum wages. i shouldnt need to explain this to you.

but i believe in capitalism, and in a free market you could conceivably have a world where people need to work only half as much as they do now, and even if they do some of this work could be done by machines. the problem would be that without enough jobs, people wouldnt have anything to invest their savings in, which would mean that even if we dropped the working day in half, itd still take less time to live comfortably than it does now.

hmmm.. i guess you dont get my point. you do a lot of things in such a brief period of time that it doesnt seem like much time at all. you can be gone before your life begins to signify your existence. but to us it seems like you didnt start living until the day before yesterday. so it doesnt seem like much time at all to us, because we dont remember what life was like before we ever came into it.

and whenever a new problem crops up, you get some good bonding time with your friends, or you go do what you enjoy doing and not think about the rest of your life for a while. you get so tired of just pulling in at night and watching tv or answering emails, you start to miss doing things that you want to do. when you do that, all of a sudden you realize that even if you are doing something you enjoy, its not living. and that you have been a user. you often find out that you arent living because you are doing something that you like so much. im not doing all this writing just to push the issue home, or to sell myself some more. its about knowing that you arent living because you are doing something that you love. you get to that point, and you have to decide what youre going to do, and not just what you are going to do, but what kind of life you want to live. its easy to make a decision to be living when youre not doing what you love. the hard decisions is about what you love.
so my solution is to find something that i love and want to do. something where it doesnt matter how many years i get to do it, because you only get to live one life. its about finding something that you love to do, so that life is as long as it needs to be.
my favorite movie that is somewhat recent is the little mermaid (1989). everyone was just so shocked that a happily ever after wasn’t more like cinderella (2005). ah, but this is the disney version. though disney has always been sympathetic to the message of a princess who refuses to be a queen, as was more than once pointed out to me (and i am a prince, as my mother would be the first to tell you).


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