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Logrotate Portable Crack Download For Windows (Updated 2022)

logrotate Portable was created as an accessible Windows implementation of the logrotate command found on Linux.
logrotate Portable is an open source tool that allows you to perform automatic rotation, compression, removal and mailing of large log files.
You can also download logrotate (installer version).







Logrotate Portable Crack + Product Key Full Free Download 2022

Unwrap logrotate Portable.
Download Portable and extract the logrotate Portable folder to any location.
Launch Portable.
Under Tools, select the Configuration menu item.
From the Configuration menu, select the Edit menu item.
From the Edit menu, select the Logrotate menu item.
From the Logrotate menu, select the Rotate and Compress menu item.
Select options for rotating log files, compressing log files, removing files older than five days and mailing log files.
Select OK to apply changes to logrotate Portable configuration file.
When you are finished making changes, close Portable, and save Portable configuration file.
Use Portable.

Create a folder named C:portable and extract logrotate Portable folder in that folder.
Create a sub-folder named logrotate-portable in Portable folder.
Copy the logrotate-portable folder from Portable to C:portable folder.
Create a shortcut to portable.
Name shortcut portable.
Configure portable.
Select the portable option in Start menu > All Programs > Accessories > Portable.
Select directory from portable and update portable path.
Select the logrotate-portable option from portable and update portable path.
Go to the directory that has portable and logrotate-portable folders.
Right click on portable and select the shortcut option.
Select the Open option to open shortcut.
Select the Choose Files option.
Select the logrotate Portable folder.
Select the OK option to open logrotate Portable folder.
Note: It will not open Portable because it is in the same directory.
Select the OK option to open logrotate Portable folder.
Select OK to apply changes.

Note: Do not create any shortcut yet. There is no use of creating any shortcut of Portable until now. We will create a shortcut once we are sure that the Portable is working perfectly.
Note: If Portable still not working, then we have to go through the steps mentioned below again.

Where the Portable folder is placed, go to the next step.
Note: If the Portable folder is placed in root, then skip the next step.
Note: Press Shift+Right click to create a shortcut.
Select the Open option to open the shortcut portable.
Select the Choose Files option.
Select Portable folder.
Select OK to open portable folder.
Note: It will not open Portable because it is in the same directory

Logrotate Portable Crack + Free Registration Code Free Download 2022 [New]

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Logrotate Portable With Serial Key [Mac/Win] [Updated]

logrotate Portable is an open source tool that allows you to perform automatic rotation, compression, removal and mailing of large log files.
This is intended to replace the xrotate utility that was included with prior versions of logrotate Portable.

Rotation of Log Files:

Rotation of log files can be performed manually by the user.

Log files can be automatically rotated by the program.

Compression of Log Files:

When a log file is smaller than the size specified by the compression threshold, compression will be performed.

Compression files can be renamed to a.gz extension if this is desired.

Compression Threshold:

Compression can be performed for log files that are smaller than this threshold.

Compression will not be performed if a log file is greater than the threshold.

Compression can be disabled.

Compression is per application.

Files will not be compressed if log files are smaller than a specified size.

Log Files Removal:

Log files can be removed by the user or automatically removed by the program.

Removal of log files can be configured to occur if the log files are not in the working directory.

Automatic Removal of Log Files:

Log files will automatically be removed from the old working directory if the maximum size of logs has been exceeded.

Automatic removal of log files will be performed if a log file has not been rotated after a specified delay.

Log Files Mailing:

Log files that are larger than the specified size can be mailed to a specified email address.

The log files specified can be mailed to a specified email address.

Log Files Mailed to a different Email Address:

Log files can be mailed to a different email address.

Mailed logs can be renamed to a.gz extension if this is desired.

Email Address:

Email addresses can be specified for mailing of logs.

Automatic mail can be disabled.

Logmail Configuration Settings:

Logmail settings for automatic mail can be configured.

Mail Destination and Message Subject:

Mail can be sent to the specified address or address with the specified subject.

Mail Destination and Message Body:

Mail can be sent with the specified text message to the specified email address.

Mail Expiry:

A number of days can be specified for the time

What’s New In Logrotate Portable?

The logrotate Portable is an open source tool, licensed under the GNU GPL v2.0, designed for file rotation and compression. This Portable version replaces the logrotate-5.4.2 for Windows by keeping compatiblity with all files related to the original logrotate.
Some bugs have been resolved in this version.
– Added support for setting Maximum number of archived logs.
– Removed the “rotate on reaquire mountpoint” feature.
– Fixed the setting of the age parameter of a logfile.
– Added some help message to rotate more than once a log file.
– Minor modifications.
– Fixed a bug with setting the age parameter in max files to be archived.
Installing the logrotate Portable is easy as in windows there is not a single line of commands you can type in the command prompt in order to run the command.
Just double click on the executable file “logrotate.exe” as you would do when you double click the logrotate.exe executable file in windows.
You do not have to add anything in the PATH environment variable.
In that case you do not need to add a link in the ‘Windows\System32’ directory or in the ‘Windows\SysWOW64’ directory.
You just open the ‘logrotate.exe’ file and logrotate Portable will run itself.
To start to use the logrotate Portable you do not have to have a configuration file.
So if you do not have, the first time you start logrotate Portable it will create a configuration file for you.
After you do that, and you run the logrotate Portable the next time you start it will be configured automatically.
New Features:
– Support for maximum number of archived logs.
– Support for custom options.
– Support for “minsize”, “megabytes” and “megabites” to set the minumum size of a logfile.
– Reaquire system after partition or reaquire device after device has been removed.
– Set the maximum number of archived logs to be rotated.
– Set the rotation time according to the system time.
– Set the log file’s age according to “minsize”, “megabytes” and “megabites”.
– Support for minsize to set the minimum size for a rotated logfile.
– Support for megabytes to set


System Requirements:

* Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008, 2003 (32-bit or 64-bit)
* NVIDIA GeForce 7800, 7900, 8800, 8800GTS, 9800, 9800GTX, 7900GT, 7800GT,
8500GT, GTX470, GTX460, GTX560 Ti, GTX560, GTX560 SLI, GTX650, GTX650 SLI,
GTX660, GTX660 SLI, GTX680, GTX690, GTX690 SLI, GTX970, GTX970 SLI, GTX980,




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