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KIUR-DB Crack With Registration Code Free Download 2022 [New] 🤜🏿

KIUR-DB is yet another online radio application. Still, it might not be as ignorable as you might think. First of all, it looks pretty stylish, secondly, you get to listen to classy songs, and thirdly, you get the info you're after if you like one of the songs you're listening to. Online radio, when done right, does have its charms.
A simple, yet beautiful interface
Users might be tempted to dismiss apps that seem to offer very basic features. It's true that this radio application does not seem to bring a lot to the table. It looks pretty, meaning the buttons and all the other displayed information are nicely integrated into the GUI. Still, the whole idea behind this app is in reviving the lost idea of Urban Radio, a phenomenon that happened in the 70s.
What you'll see is a list of currently playing songs with the possibility of checking the album, artist, and other info on any of the songs you like. If you want to acquire any of the tunes, a direct link is provided to one of the more popular online music shops, be it Amazon, Apple Music, or any other similar retailer.
Pause, play, access social media
As far as functionality offered is concerned, you can only do a few things. If you look into the idea behind the radio, you'll discover a whole new world together with the feeling you're heading back to the 70s. You can pause or allow the radio to keep playing, or you can contact the developers via any of the three popular social media websites — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — making sure you leave a comment and chat with other 70s urban radio nostalgics.
This program is aiming to promote a specific type of radio, together with the history of the 70s era, while offering workaholics around the world a nice way to relax when actually fulfilling whatever duties they've got going on.
KIUR-DB is a basic application that won't satisfy the most demanding of users. Still, if you're looking to blast some tunes while working, trying to create a relaxing vibe, immersing yourself in the '70s, this could be one possible option to achieve that.







KIUR-DB Crack+ Free Download [32|64bit]

Ad-Free Radio Player

Possible to search, browse and play music

Search words available: Artist, Song, Name, Genre, Album

Android Version: 3.2

Application will work with Android 4.0.3 and newer

Internet listening

Radio stations can be selected by genre, recently played, etc.

Radio stations can be searched by name, song or by genre

Find stations live with details on current play/songs

Purchasing Songs

With ‘Send to My Devices’ via e-mail or copying directly

Use of third party applications


Q: How much are the songs?


There is no fixed price, the only thing is that when the song goes on sale, you’ll find the price on the download page

Q: Can I leave a message?


No, the app does not contain that

Q: Can you switch between English and Spanish?


No, sorry, the app is not bilingual

Q: Is there an offline mode?


There is no offline mode

Q: Is there any information from DJ when I purchase the songs?


No, sorry, the app does not provide such info

Q: How can I contact you?


For support use the following:

e-mail: support@k-iur.com




Recent changes:

11.07.2017 – Music store added

1.09.2017 – Happy Halloween!

1.06.2017 – Minor fixes

18.05.2017 – Email support added

Since the app is not based on a specific music repository, all possible sources are listed in the app, meaning that you can select what you’d like to listen.
In terms of functionality, the app offers free songs that are funded by sponsors who contribute to the idea of reviving the 70s aura.
To access other songs, you have to purchase them. However, there is a limit of 50 songs per purchase, meaning that users will have to pay attention when purchasing songs

KIUR-DB Crack + [Mac/Win]

This application enables you to listen to Urban Radio on your smartphone with the best and most convenient interface for you.

The best KIUR app that goes along with KIUR
KIUR-DB is free to use. You should register in order to get access to our features.

KIUR-DB is a free Radio app, part of the KIUR Project, which stands for Korea Internet University Radio.

If you like our Radio app, have a look at our other radioprogram apps: KIUR App & KIUR App

KIUR-DB is an application that strives to keep your mobile media experience fun and entertaining.

Try it now and enjoy yourself.

There was a time when people listened to a nice song in their own home. The radio was used in everyone’s house in those days.

But the advent of smartphones has made it necessary for modern people to listen to beautiful music everywhere they go. So, in order to keep up with the times, our team has come up with KIUR-DB, a radio-like application that brings back that wonderful feeling of being home.

Our purpose is to provide a perfect radio that gives you constant entertainment, not only on your phone but also at home or in the car.

To make that possible, we’ve created an amazingly simple interface, which is able to cover all your needs, and not only that but we’ve also made a program that has a simple and unique interface so that it really resembles the retro computer applications that were very popular in the past.

As a result, it’s now possible to listen to Urban Radio without wasting time. You won’t lose any information since you can check the name, the number of plays, the artist, etc. And, in case you’d like to make a comment, you’ll have the opportunity to leave a comment and use the social media networks.

We hope this program will be able to bring back that wonderful 70s Urban radio music to you, one of your most favorite places, wherever you are.

Our friendly team wishes you a joyful and entertaining experience. Have fun!!Getty Images

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KIUR-DB 2022

“KIUR-DB is an online radio application that lets you listen to
urban stations using the online radio format.
“It’s every man for himself out there,
but the DJs and the music are the same. The passion, the spirit, the vibe. The soul.”
– Ludwig Glunz, former Urban DJ for the Goondestination Label.

It was designed for 70s lovers or for beginners wanting to discover a more relaxed format of urban radio than they’re used to. Enjoy a set of very funky tunes today.


“We’ve all at some time been so tired, so stressed, that you just want to put on some music you know will relax you. With KIUR-DB you can do that whenever you want.”
– Anthony Kuiper, is the man behind KIUR-DB.

It’s a radio that is based on the urban format, which is representative of the 70s.

This Music App Requests

You may be making an app that is almost completely identical to KIUR-DB. Yet, if you offer some small, yet relevant changes, you will surely attract the attention of the community. In that case, the only needed aspect is a direct link to a presskit or a music source. We only ask for a Google Play link.
Any help is welcome as we continue with our journey of reviewing new apps.

Go to Settings > Apps > KIUR-DB > Uninstall. This will uninstall the app.
Clear all caches and data. Go to Settings > Privacy > Clear Cache.
Uninstall the existing app and reinstall the new version.


Unpack the APK to the internal storage. Open the APK.
Tap ‘Install’ > ‘OK’.
Tap ‘Yes’ in the permission dialog to accept the permissions.

Get it from

The app is available in the Google Play Store.

Thank you for your help.


Many thanks for your review.

Reviewer: Marianne Hansteen
Date: 2018-07-25

App & Facebook: KIUR-DB

Reviewer’s Score: 4

I’m posting this after some time. Before that, I spent some time trying to manage the app’s settings, that were not all what I’d call intuitive

What’s New in the KIUR-DB?

A simple, yet beautiful interface
Pause, play, access social media

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System Requirements For KIUR-DB:

OS: Windows XP/7/Vista/8/8.1/10
CPU: 2.3 GHz Dual Core processor
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 (NVIDIA Corporation)
V-RAM: 1 GB (2 GB Recommended)
HDD: 1.5 GB free space
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 (NVIDIA Corporation)
DirectX: Version 11
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768




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