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JATC – Just Another TourCreator 2.1.8 Crack Serial Key [Latest]

Creating a tour of several panos might be a hard job if you got many links between the panos. You have to figure out the hotspot location in image-coordinates and transform them into spheric-coordinates. But this software was created to help you reduce your efforts and focus on the actual designing process.
Here are some key features of “JATC Just Another TourCreator”:
■ Creation of complex pano tours or simple single pano
■ Thumbnail gallery for quick navigation (SPi-V and FPP)
■ Defining hotspots interactively
■ Defining of sound spots for directional sound (SPi-V and FPP)
■ Supporting point and polygonal hotspots
■ Automatic hotspot creation
■ Defining nadir/cap/flat image
■ Defining map/floorplan
■ Preview of tour/pano
■ Creation of preview images for panos
■ Create a tour to be viewed with
PurePlayer or PurePlayerPro-Plugin
Flash Panorama Player FPP
■ Supporting ADR scene creation for SPi-V
■ Online help
■ Save and load tour to/from JATC project file
■ .NET Framework 2.0
■ PurePlayer plugin, and/or
■ PurePlayerPro plugin, and/or
■ SPi-V (needs 1.4 in JATC 1.2)
■ PTViewer
■ Flash Panorama Player
■ Panos should be equirect or cylindrical









JATC – Just Another TourCreator 2.1.8 Crack Activation Code With Keygen Free [Updated] 2022

JATC – Just Another TourCreator 2.1.8 Serial Key Free [Win/Mac]

Tours are the most favorite way for photographers to share a location as a series of multiple images. A tour can be very simple or complex, depending on the project. The basic principle is to transfer information to the audience with simple images. The way to present a tour to other photographers is to use a sequenced-image tour plan. For this, it is necessary to know what hotspots have been marked. The tour creator can be very helpful for this step.
Just Another TourCreator has three different methods of creating tours. Besides designing tours with point hotspots like with FPP and PurePlayer, you can export tours to an.IPT project file. In this file, you can import tours with the other tools of JATC. A big advantage is that tours can be created with focus. Hotspots can be created from various locations and locations, even with the help of the sound spots. Other potential advantages of tours are that they can be designed very big and that they can have different effects in a subset of the time.
Features of JATC:
■ Thumbnail Gallery for quickly viewing panos
■ Spherical hotspot creation
■ Automatic hotspot creation
■ Defining of sound spots
■ Defining hotspots for floorplanning
■ Hotspot location in negative/flat image coordinates
■ Scale of hotspot-point
■ Support of point hotspots
■ Point hotspot creation
■ Polygonal hotspot creation
■ Sound spots for directional sound
■ Sound spots for duplex direction sound
■ Sound spots for music
■ Map/floorplan creation
■ Preview of tours
■ Tour export
■ Preview image creation for tours
■ Tour creation to be viewed with PurePlayer and PurePlayerPro
This software provides a.NET Framework 2.0 and PurePlayer plugin. The possibility to view tours with PurePlayer and PurePlayerPro is integrated in this software. The.NET Framework 2.0 and PurePlayer plugins are included in the free version of JATC. The possibility to view tours in high quality and with the PurePlayer pro plugin is available as an additional-feature in the pro version.
JATC – Just Another TourCreator Version:
Version 1.1.5
■ Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/

JATC – Just Another TourCreator 2.1.8 License Code & Keygen (Latest)

JATC Just Another TourCreator is a plugin for PurePlayer Pro, PurePlayer,
PureVideo or PTViewer. With JATC, you can create an interactive tour in
a matter of minutes with a range of settings. The tour can be set up to
show up to 20 panos, plus the maximum number of panos can be set to 0
when the tour is created. Hotspots can be created interactively, then
injected with a number of flags. The available point and polygonal
hotspots are defined in a project file, which can easily be created
with any standard text editor such as TextPad or Wordpad.
Use the guidance buttons on the tour to zoom in and out and see
previews of the panos. Click on the hotspot and see the control panel
for panos and settings. You can even set the hotspot to be active for
all panos and then create an ADR scene to show the hotspot in action.
JATC – Just Another TourCreator can be run from inside PureVideo
or from Windows Explorer (requires the help of the plugin page).
Here are the screenshots for the settings and operation of JATC:
Instructions for using JATC:
(1) Create an empty panorama with one or more panos, and set up the
camera settings, which should be fine for your panos. A default
panorama can be created by pressing the “Load Panorama” button on
the settings page.
(2) Create the hotspot or set the hotspot, if it has already been set up.
Hotspots can be set to be active for all panos and then the hotspot
visualized with an ADR scene.
(3) Change to the tour page.
The hotspot will now be labeled and the hotspot icon will be
highlighted when hovering over it.
Hotspots can also be represented by any polygon shape. In this
case, the hotspot will represent the polygon. When creating a pano
tour, some additional settings apply. Hotspots set with the polygon
option will be shown to the right of the hotspot. Those hotspots
displayed with the polygon setting, will be shown in the preview
pano. The border setting tells JATC if it should draw a border around
the hotspot. The hotspot has a

What’s New in the?

Create tours of panos for any kind of placement of panos.
Download JATC from Here.
use the following instruction to install JATC from my site
1. close spiview, pvtviewer and set projectfiles to not run (directory(s))
2. go to directory(s) where the JATC is downloaded
3. unzip files and open the.exe
4. choose the path to the directory where you want JATC to be installed
5. click OK
6. follow installation wizard
7. setup the project
8. save the project
use the following instruction to install PurePlayer and/or PurePlayerPro plug in
1. close spiview, pvtviewer and set projectfiles to not run (directory(s))
2. go to directory(s) where the PurePlayerPro or PurePlayer are downloaded
3. unzip files and open the.exe
4. choose the path to the directory where you want PurePlayer to be installed
5. click OK
6. follow PurePlayerPro installation wizard
7. setup the project
8. save the project
9. setup PurePlayerPro Plugin
10. open video file
11. assign a key for the plugin
12. click the “Choose Map” button
13. choose any map you want to be used as a background map in tour
14. click the “Place Tour” button
15. tell PurePlayerPro where to install JATC.
16. click the “OK” button
17. navigate to the directory where JATC is installed and open the file
18. Save tour
19. run the tour
20. select tour
21. press “Place tour” and navigate to the directory where the movies are located. Click “OK”
22. on main menu click “Examples” and navigate to “TourDefault” example
23. set the tour
24. press play
25. at any time you can open the “Preview of tour” and see if everything is ok
26. in the menu “Options” choose “Options for the tour preview”
27. navigate to the directory where tour is saved (example: C:\Tours)
28. press “Add tour”
29. choose the tour you just created
30. press “OK”
31. navigate to the directory where the tour is saved
32. in the menu “File


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 8.1 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 / i5/i7 with Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better (AMD equivalent)
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 9.0c-compatible video card
Storage: 2 GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
A storage device with at least 2GB of available space
DirectX 9.0c


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