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HomeMade Dictionary X64

Having a dictionary on hand can be quite useful especially since you can never know exactly when you’ll encounter an unfamiliar word. HomeMade Dictionary is a nice program that is sure to be quite helpful.
The app has a simple interface that should be easy to figure out by all users.
As mentioned, the app comes with several features, including background music support. It also provides access to a medical dictionary that contains a wide range of medical words which can be quite helpful for Doctors that are still training and to those who want to find out exactly what a certain word said by your MD meant.
The app doesn’t include only words but also phrases, enabling you to find out exactly what a certain word combination means. New entries can be filled in by all users, but it also contains a long list of definitions (over 5600 words, including slang).
The program comes with “Intelligent Search”, an advanced tool that helps easily locate the desired word.
As mentioned, you may also listen to music when working with this tool. There are several types of music that can be played in a loop.
Furthermore, the app comes with a game called “Test Your Word Power”. This enables you to see if you know the correct meanings of certain words and idioms. If you get it right, the game starts adding points to the score.
All in all, HomeMade Dictionary is a nice program that can be very helpful to have around, especially if you read a lot or love crossword puzzles and such. Less experienced individuals should find it easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout and its overall simplicity.







HomeMade Dictionary Crack With Serial Key Free Download

HomeMade Dictionary Crack Keygen was developed by Chris Timm for the Mac. It’s an interpreter for words and phrases, combined with the power of iMacros.
The dictionary is available in a free and paid version. The free version consists of a search window, but no dictionary and includes only 550 entries. The paid version removes the search window and also includes a full dictionary with over 5600 entries. Both versions are ad supported. It also includes the “Stuck in a Word game”, which is a test on your word knowledge.
HomeMade Dictionary Crack Keygen Review:
HomeMade Dictionary Crack is an interpreter for words and phrases that is provided by Chris Timm. It’s a nice tool that is quite useful for both professionals and beginners.
If you want to search for a particular word, HomeMade Dictionary will do so. The system comes with a helpful search window.
It also has the ability to play music in a loop during the search. The free version allows you to find words only, while the paid version allows you to also search the dictionary. The paid version also allows you to use the dictionary offline.
HomeMade Dictionary is available for Mac OS X (10.6 and above) and can be downloaded from the official website. The program is also available in a free and a paid version. The paid version comes with a dictionary with over 5600 entries, while the free version only has a search window.
On top of that, HomeMade Dictionary provides access to a medical dictionary that provides a range of medical terms. This can be very helpful to medical professionals that are still training, in addition to others.
HomeMade Dictionary is an interpreter for words and phrases that is developed by Chris Timm. It’s a nice tool that is quite useful for both professionals and beginners.
The program features a helpful search window that’s enhanced by the ability to play music in a loop during the search. The program also has the ability to search the dictionary.
HomeMade Dictionary is available for Mac OS X (10.6 and above) and can be downloaded from the official website. The program is also available in a free and a paid version. The paid version comes with a dictionary with over 5600 entries, while the free version only has a search window.
Furthermore, HomeMade Dictionary allows access to a medical dictionary that provides a range of medical terms. This can be very helpful for medical professionals that are still training, in addition to others.
HomeMade Dictionary is

HomeMade Dictionary

â—¦HomeMade Dictionary, a powerful medical dictionary made entirely of words that you know, helps you with your medical jobs and tests.
â—¦Allows you to easily access and search the most frequently-used medical words, phrases and expressions.
â—¦Perform Medical translations between English and 13 languages.
â—¦View definitions, medical synonyms and antonyms of words, along with sample sentences and audio support.
â—¦More than 5600 words.
â—¦Built-in Dictionary Manager to store and manage translations, synonyms and antonyms.
â—¦Zoom and scroll words on the screen, set in what order the words appear in.
â—¦View definitions and synonyms for every word entered, with direct access to the meaning of each word.
â—¦Access to medical dictionary for vocabulary enrichment.
â—¦Add new entries from the dictionary or a file, choose the target language, search for words, add synonyms and antonyms, then easily translate and save a complete medical dictionary.
â—¦It’s loaded with the most frequently-used medical words, phrases and expressions, making it the most-useful medical dictionary on the market.
â—¦English version only.

The full version of the app offers more features and information.
HomeMade Dictionary is a free medical dictionary app with the option to unlock in-app purchases.
HomeMade Dictionary is only available for Android devices.

Hansa Medical Dictionary is a program that is intended to facilitate your work when dealing with the medical field.
The program has a simple interface and can be accessed in both English and German.
The dictionary of medical terms has over 11,000 entries, and is updated frequently.
With this program, you can hear the pronunciation of each word or else find the English equivalent of it.
You may also install related programs while the dictionary is running.
In addition to words, phrases and idioms are also contained in this program, with definitions, sample sentences and audio support.
You can choose to view the definition in English or German.
Not only can you hear the pronunciation for each word, but you may also see the English equivalent if the latter is available.
The dictionary also comes with an English-German translator, enabling you to quickly and easily do translations.
You can easily save and reinstall dictionaries and tap in-app purchase to unlock the app on any of your devices.

My dictionary is a dictionary app

HomeMade Dictionary Crack

The HomeMade Dictionary is the most powerful and accurate dictionary of words and phrases for your computer and home.

HomeMade Dictionary is a fully featured, fully searchable dictionary and thesaurus. You can search by word, phrase, part of speech, alphabetical, or various other categories. You can also access a listing of custom fields. All of your searching is supported via regular search or by voice (for external microphones like Dragon Naturally Speaking).
Key features of the HomeMade Dictionary are:
* Built-in thesaurus to help you discover new words. Thesaurus is very powerful and supports most major desktop dictionaries. Customize which words are added to the thesaurus.
* Spell check. Learn how to spell it right.
* An always-on dictionary and thesaurus, that will help you find exactly what you’re looking for
* Ability to search multiple dictionaries simultaneously
* Search by part of speech, letter, word, and phrases.
* Ability to configure it to display any dictionary you have installed.
* Download dictionary files (dictionary.txt) for offline use.
* E-mail custom dictionary files to yourself or anyone.
* Saves all searches, so you can browse and re-search as much as you like.
* Contextual control features (find synonyms, antonyms, or plural form)
* Ability to highlight all instances of a word in the main search window.
* Ability to highlight all instances of the word in related dictionary windows.
* Ability to have a series of dictionary windows open and search in them simultaneously.
* Category lists to quickly access large dictionaries.
* Built-in browser-like windows.
* Quickly switch between dictionaries and windows (via the Ctrl-Tab keystroke).
* Synchronize dictionaries between computers.
* Ability to save your dictionary files for easy re-use.
* Ability to export your customized dictionary files.
* Ability to transfer custom dictionary files to other users (just email them to you).
* Ability to import custom dictionary files from other users (just email them to you).
* Ability to add custom fields to the dictionary files.
* Ability to publish custom dictionary files to other users.
* Ability to sort columns in any dictionary window.
* Ability to display the definition of any word in a dictionary window.
* Ability to highlight definitions in any dictionary window.
* Ability to show definitions in any dictionary

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System Requirements For HomeMade Dictionary:

1. Windows 7/8/10
2. At least 500 MB free disk space
How To Crack?
Download and run the Setup.
When the installation completes, Run it.
When the game start, Click on the crack and Done!
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