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GPS Pathfinder 53 Crack ((BETTER)) 📦



GPS Pathfinder 53 Crack

i purchased this truck to replace a 1992 eagle with 140,000 miles on it. i liked the power and handling of the pathfinder far better than the eagle. today, i went to start the truck and it would not start. it would not even crank. the check engine light on the dash came on. i called the dealer and they were closed on saturday and didn’t think to check their computer. i was told that it was ‘fixed’. today, i went back to the dealership and they refused to believe that it was fixed. they then thought they would need to call a transmission specialist. they put the key in the car and immediately the check engine light came on. they immediately thought it was the transmission. i said that it could not possibly be the transmission, a vehicle like mine would not have a transmission problem at 140,000 miles. the dealer insisted that the transmission problem was the reason for the key not going in the ignition. the day prior to my complaining about the transmission, it was in the shop for a leak in the transmission. they knew that it was the transmission when i arrived there and repaired the leak. i was amazed that they could be that irresponsible. i have not the money to pay $1,200 and fix this problem again. my brother is a mechanic and said that he could tell from a glance that this vehicle has a bad transmission that should not be on the road. they are willing to take a $2,300 loss and look for a truck that may be faulty in the future. i have complained to the dealership and the complaints are getting through. any legal advice would be greatly appreciated. by the way, i have never bought a car at a dealership before.

i have a 2005 nissan pathfinder. the seller said to me that they purchased the van from the dealership. later on, while i was driving the car, i started to notice the car was unstable on a straightaway, and the back tire was burning rubber. i could not make it up to any higher speed. my car did not have any warning lights, and i did not receive any warning letters. i got into the car one day and the dash board stated, ”power steering failure’.
my 2005 nissan pathfinder lost all power while i was driving on a local highway in our town to take my daughter to school. it has a automatic transmission and would not shift out of first gear. we live on a slight hill, and it honestly felt like i was pulling a semi behind my vehicle. we are a low income family and this is the only vehicle we have to get our children back & forth to school. the repairs are going to cost us $3500. i feel since this is a manufacturers issue that they should be held accountable for this problem. we are experiencing the transmission failure issue where the crack in the radiator tube causes the fluid to mix with the transmission fluid. causing all kinds of problems until it can’t go anymore. this has caused a huge problem for us seeing as this is our only vehicle. people aren’t into helping you out with rides & what not long term. we haven’t got our issue taken care of due to not being able to pay for it. any help you could provide for me would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much!!!
a 12 year old 2007 nissan pathfinder headliner. i don’t know how it came to be but a rogue seam at the top was filled with adhesive. the driver and passenger side headrests were filled with adhesive as well. i have video of this and will be submitting it to the better business bureau. i don’t know if the adhesive is still there or if it pulled off when the headliner was put on. the vehicle has 800+ hours of use and only one owner. there was no damage to the headliner before this occured.


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