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The below steps walk you through the process of editing an image in Photoshop.

1. Open Photoshop and navigate to your image, as shown in Figure 6-1.

2. Click the image to select it.

3. From the Tools drop-down menu, click the Edit tab.

To edit the image fully, click the Select tab (refer to Figure 6-1) and then click the More button to access the following panels:

• Quick Selection tool (white arrow)

• Magnetic Lasso tool (yellow arrow)

• Content-Aware Move tool (blue arrow)

• Refine Edge tool (red arrow)

• Paths tool (black arrow)

Figure 6-1: Click to select the image.

4. From the Edit drop-down menu, choose Adjust.

5. In the Adjust panel, use the following tools to help select or edit your image:

• Blur tool (white circle)

• Smudge tool (light-gray background)

• Spot Healing Brush tool (white background)

• Oil tool (white background)

• Dodge tool (light blue background)

• Burn tool (light blue background)

• Clone stamp tool (blue background)

• Channels panel

6. Experiment with the Adjust panel’s brushes, settings, and other tools to edit your image.

Changing the color of an object in an image

The following steps walk you through the process of using the color picker to quickly change the color of an object in an image.

1. Open the image you want to edit in Photoshop.

2. From the Tools drop-down menu, choose the Edit tab.

3. From the panel at the top of your Photoshop window, choose Select.

4. A white arrow points to the default color, as shown in Figure 6-2a.

5. Click the arrow to open the color picker.

6. Click the color you want in the top part of the color picker.

The color picker is also available as a floating palette (light-gray background) and in the Swatches panel (see Chapter 2).

Figure 6-2: The color picker opens and changes the color of the current object or a layer.

Edit by layering

Photoshop is famous for the

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This tutorial walks you through getting started with the Photoshop Elements application on your iPad. You’ll learn how to open a new image from the iPad Photos app, edit it with Photoshop Elements, and share your work using Instagram. You’ll also learn how to export an image for web use, create a high-quality image from a photograph, and how to work with annotations and layers.

Edit a Photo on the iPad

Before you can begin editing an image, you need to open it on your iPad.

1. Open a Photo from the Photos App

You can open photos from the Photos app. Alternatively, you can select a photo from your albums or device’s photo library.

2. Choose Share to Open

The Photos app opens to the screen that shows your most recent photos. Choose Share to Open ( ) to open the image you want to edit.

3. Select the Image to Edit

Scroll with two fingers or pinch the screen until the image you want to edit shows up.

4. Edit the Image

Do whatever you want to the image with the tools and features of Photoshop Elements.

How to Open a New Image from the Photos App

To create a new photo, open the Photos app, tap on a photo, and choose Share to Open.

Choose Open As… You have the options of creating a new location, sending a direct message, emailing a direct message, or sharing with a friend.

Step 1

Step 2

Open a New Image:

From the Photos app on your iPad, tap on a photo.

Open as… You have the options of creating a new location, sending a direct message, emailing a direct message, or sharing with a friend.

Step 3

Choose the type of image you want to create:

New Photo: Tap on New Photo ( ) and your photo opens in Photoshop Elements. If you’re the first time you’re opening an image, it opens full screen. Otherwise, it opens in a compact view.

New Image from Gallery: Tap on an image from your photo library.

New Image from Album: Tap on the album you want to import into your photo library. You can import multiple albums.

New Image from Device: Tap on the photo you want to import into your photo library.

Step 4

Choose Edit Mode:

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Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330 or better, ATI Radeon HD 3870 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Multi-Core Processor: Dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2, NVIDIA GeForce GTX or AMD Radeon HD 3870



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