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Selecting an effect type:
1) “LP Filter Delay” will add an LP filter delay to all audio signals.
2) “Modulator Delay” will add a modulator delay to a modulated signal.
3) “Toggleable Reversinator” will reversize all signals – both ends are reversed.
4) “Reverse Delay” will add reverse delay to all audio signals.
5) “Delay” will add a normal delay to all audio signals.
6) “Phase Vocoder” will add three phase vocoder effects to all audio signals.
7) “Equalizer” will add an equalizer to all audio signals.

1) Playback from an FX loop.
2) Playback direct, untimed
3) Can be used in parallel to the output of your DAW.
4) Power is limited (step sfx).
5) Power is unlimited (absolute).
6) Mode is “Airolate”
7) “Killer” is “Never Kill”
8) Use the signature tune as master.
9) Output transpose.
10) Change audio format to float, 16-bit, or 32-bit.
11) Monitor input and output levels
12) Edit an existing effect in the graph
13) Reverse chords/arpeggiated effect
14) Reverse seconds/quarters
15) Play back chords
16) After modulation pass, try to keep the same pitch, but change the modulator resonance.
17) Select preset with “Custom LFO”
18) Change the LFO amount and frequency (only if modulator is modulated on).
19) Save as the default granulator


Comments and discussion

just interested in knowing if this plugin is compatible with external audio software in the studio such as multi-track audio editors

Just added this to my library and I don’t know what external software is, so can’t really say.

In the description it says that “Options: 1) Playback from an FX loop” so it should work with external software, yes.

Sat May 27, 2012 8:32 pm


great plugin, can you please add a sample rate option?

Mon May 29, 2012 10:25 pm

Just added this to my library and I don’t know what

Fragmental 1.02 Crack + Keygen Full Version PC/Windows

A VST plugin that brings together all those (very) useful effects included in other plugins and works as a standalone midi controller.
Fragmental Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a synth/plugin with a few specialized effects used to simulate sampled sound from disco and other genres on the way to go to the new music that we are experiencing every days.
A few complex effects are included in this plugin:
– a reverting effect (reverting the sound back to original, but modulated)
– a delay (based on BPM)
– a crossover (based on key (usually low), master values, and filter cuts)
– a modulation effect (based on applied pitch modulations, envelopes and a dedicated X-slider for PM banks)
– an effects filter (based on BPM, filter cuts and envelopes)
– an effects processor (based on key and filter cuts)
– an effects routing (based on switches and modulated effects. If a modulated effect is provided and there is a matching modulation parameter switch, the effect will be routed along with the modulation signals)
Here you can find further details on what each effect can be used for:
– Reverting: for pitching up or down an effect that has been modulated.
– Delay: for adding flutter to sounds. You can select the delay’s BPM, the program/filter to use, the modulation source to work with, and the delay’s LFO settings.
– Crossover: for adding a controlled way to move between two different sounds. Sounds can be crossovers that can be set to take either a more “topping” or “panned” route.
– Modulation: for adding controllable pitch variations to sounds. Modulation sources are keyboard switches, and additional FXs are divided up into different sets (pitches) based on key and processed in parallel.
– Effects filter: you can control the filter settings for each effect, and each effect is also broken down into different sets (filter cuts) that can be grouped together in any combination.
– Effects processor: effects processor allows you to define a processor for each FX (ie. an FX’s modulation, flutter, pitch, etc) and the FXs are broken down into different groups (typically based on the groups provided by the effect.
FX Groups:
– Pitch (Default): BPM up or down. Pitch up and down will affect the note range (

Fragmental 1.02

An entirely new concept of control.
All parameters are dynamically controlled without the need to micromanage effects switches on your DAW or control panel.
Fully dynamical effects routing; infinitely configurable.
Resizable and responsive UI.
Configurable option for the phase of the oscillator.
Build in compatibility with DAWs.
Many extra parameters for fine tuning oscillator routing, volume, and connectivity parameters like frequency and phase.
Multisampled oscillator: crystal, triangle, a battery, and many others.
Various filters: analog, multimode, multimode FM, analog FM.
Various effects: delay, granulator, vocoder, reversinator, pitch shift, resample, compression, modulate, flanger, chorus, reverb, ADSR envelope, LFO, and many more.
Multiple routing modes: automated parallel, automated serial and manual.
Extended analysis: oscillator, reverbs, delays, compression, external input.
Store and learn a lot more about the plugin itself, as well as some tips and tricks.

I am not responsible for any damage or anything bad that can happen to your computer or audio gear. Use Fragmental at your own risk.
Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 BY

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What’s New In?

Uses a special kind of granulator called Bode Delay for an efficient, uniform and very pleasing delay effect that is made to control the sound with the same intention as a compressor.

It has 3 types of internal modulation sources, limited to the 3 phase vocoder effect when activated, that creates a lot of new things and possibilities.
The three different sources of modulation are:

Oscillator A: amplitude modulation
Oscillator B: frequency modulation
Oscillator C: both modulations

When oscillator A or oscillator C is enabled, a kind of pie chart will appear on the screen at the center of the screen that represents oscillator A or oscillator C, respectively. The size and width of the pie chart is proportional to the amplitude of oscillator A or C.
The pie chart will always be filled on its maximum size, however, the width of the pie chart and the size of the pie chart will depend on the oscillator that is active.
The width and size of the pie chart represents the modulation rate of the oscillator, as well as its minimum and maximum modulation rate (simply choosing a value or dropping a value for a specific modulation rate). Thus, the modulator’s rate in time can be slowed down and thus the sound is modulated, but the rate may also be decreased and sound become undamped.
The pie chart is valid until the modulator’s waveform starts to change, where changing the modulation rate would start to make the waveform change, thus presenting the potential to remove the effects of the value that have been chosen.

A new and very cool idea to make the modulation rate changeable and continuously, is the reversinator.
By enabling the reversinator, the magnitude of the modulation rate can be reversed in time. For example, if an oscillator with a rate of 300 bpm starts to be modulated with, lets say, a rate of 150 bpm, enabling the reversinator will reverse the rate in time, so that the oscillator then is modulated with 300 bpm and the reversinator with 150 bpm, reversing the rate in time.

The waveform of the oscillator is reversed in time as well, so that everything else that is affected by the oscillator will also be affected by the reversed waveform. When the reversinator is active and is manipulating the oscillator, a new set of possibilities will become available that are not available when the reversinator is not active.

System Requirements For Fragmental:

OS: Windows 7/8, 8.1, 10, macOS 10.4+, Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.13 GHz) or AMD Athlon 64 X2 (2.8 GHz) or greater
Memory: 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT / ATI Radeon X800 XT
Storage: 6 GB of available space
Additional Notes:
Audio: Built-in webcam and mic.


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