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Just like a story, a biography is a brief account of someone’s life. A biography contains facts about the subject, including their age, when they were born and grew up, education, what they did at home and at work, their hobbies and their weaknesses. Even though this kind of report is normally not a legal document, but it should include all the essential information you need in order to form a good judgment about the person. When is a biography not a legal document? A biography of a politician, a movie star, or any famous and famous person should not be signed with a name, but the initials of the writer. Why this may happen, we are not sure, maybe for privacy reasons or maybe it just a fad. In any case, it doesn’t make a biography a legal document, and people who sign a book as the author or illustrator should not be penalized in any way by having their signature removed from the legal document.

Hello, For a consultancy that I work with, we are having a number of GDPR training sessions within our business to explain (amongst other things) what it means to “accurately identify”, the types of data that we are obliged to retain (e.g. IP address records, the time period for which the data will be retained, possibly the reasons for the data being held – for example, a record of a customer’s post to our website), and our obligations with regards to our processing activity (e.g. what we share). It is an unusual case, but our consultant is working from a dataset which identifies names and email addresses, but to an individual level, and we would find it very difficult to explain to our clients why someone’s email address has been disclosed, or why an individual’s name has been disclosed (in some cases, it can be very personal, if a client’s post to us resulted in a minor name-calling dispute). Given that we have chosen to identify individuals (in order to differentiate our data from our clients’ data, and to help our clients understand the potential sensitivity of data that is held) and that we have explained this within our training sessions, am I correct in thinking that as long as the information that we hold about an individual is not dated and is not capable of being used to identify an individual, we would not be required to reasonably be able to identify the individual within the data, and so may be able to actually – take our clients at their word, and indicate that we are not obligated to retain their data, and that if they ask to have their data deleted, we will completely and promptly comply? Thanks for your feedback. Henry

I need some legal advice with a potential employer. I am an IT consultant and I have just filled a job application and am waiting on a telephone call to see if I have been accepted. However, when you submit an application online there is an automatically generated CV with all the information that you supply on the application. For legal reasons, I have just removed my name and replaced it with a pseudonym. If the potential employer comes across my details in this job application, could they then identify me without my consent. I dont see how this could be the case as we removed my name on submission. However, I am also concerned that they might share my details with other organisations or even the public as I cant see how anyone could find out my real name.
Are some questions within the EU frameworks for Data Protection considered personal data? Example: Name, DOB (date of birth), place of birth, National ID number and current place of residence. If I asked for this information it would not be breach of any data protection laws.
I used to be a partner in a firm of solicitors. We had a partnership agreement and I gave the details (name, address, contact telephone number and office contact telephone number). We subsequently entered into a business arrangement with one of our solicitors who is not a partner to look after our business in South Africa. It is possible to track a partner down through the registration of partners as partners only. We recently asked our solicitor how we could obtain this information and asked for the contact information to give to an auditor.



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