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Explanation of the application features

Result. In the result window you will see the results of the calculations and the final result will be computed as a curve. The results are stored in an.html file. You can save the results or print them.

Settings. You can modify the parameters, such as the maximum and minimum values of the inductance and the number of periods to be calculated. The minimum step can be considered the precision of the result.

Inductance. You can select the type of toroid to be calculated and the number of periods. Ferrite includes fifteen types of toroids for your convenience.

Minimum. You can set the minimum value of the magnetic field H(s) to be evaluated and, therefore, the minimum value of the ferrite coefficient, Ks. The maximum value of the magnetic field is determined by the maximum external magnetic field applied to the toroid.

Maximum. The maximum external magnetic field H(s) is determined by the maximum input value of the variable H in meters.

Applying a magnetic field. You can start the application and select the number of periods in a specified voltage range. On the screen below, the minimum and maximum values are shown in meters and Ks is in oersteds.

Input. The output of the application is a step by step procedure and includes the following elements.

Min. This element is the minimum value of the toroid. There is no effect on the result of the calculations but the index to the curve is modified.

Max. This element is the maximum value of the toroid. This value is considered the value of the index in the curve.

Calculation. You have to input the number of periods in volts for the selected voltage range.

Start/Stop. This element is used for starting or stopping the procedure of the calculation.

Index in curve. This element is used to calculate the output of the application. It is the index of the final results.

Output. You can choose between an html file with the results of the application or the output data.

Ferrite Application

To run the application, you must select your preferred operating mode. The different modes are described in the following table.


Output Format








The first mode is the application. You can

Ferrite (Updated 2022)

18 millihenries

max amplitude



peak method

input range

1 kHz to 16.8 MHz

output range

0 to 10 000 µH


magnetic null


16 digits



generated data



Very fast


Sqr package

Generated files

Input, output, intermediate, and calculation files

Ferrite Product Key syntax:


Ferrite Torrent Download

Sets parameter for the calculation.



You can set the polarities on the graph as RCP or LCP. However, this is not necessary.

–> There are 15 different toroids types (toroids).

You can set the output scale type.



The default is FloatingPoint.

–> The output files are saved in both ASCII and (XML) format.

You can set the data scale interval.



The default is 30.

–> The data files are saved in ASCII format.

You can set the data format (example: X8.10A, X6.10A).



The default is T8.10A.

–> In the intermediate steps you can see the results in text format in real time.

You can set the zoom scale on the graph.



The default is 15.

–> When finishing the calculation you can see the results in graphical format.

You can set the maximum number of current values on the graph.



The default is 20.

–> The maximum number of current values is saved on the output files.

You can set the minimum and maximum values of the parameter.



The default is 0.

–> This method is designed to work with magnets that are

Ferrite Crack+

General Ferrite Description
Ferrite is a command line application. You can use it with several options, choosing from different toroids and inductances to implement in your machine.
Ferrite has different components: basic parameters for finding the resonance at a given frequency, toroid properties for calculating current and power, and additional parameters to calculate the inductance with the advanced method.
For example, if you are interested in finding the inductance for a toroid with a diameter of 12 mm, frequency and a rated temperature, you just have to type the following:
ferrite 12 12 5
ferrite: work in progress
ferrite: parameters
ferrite: input bandwidth: 20
ferrite: frequency: 5
ferrite: temperature: 85
ferrite: 20
ferrite: out: results
There is a matrix of options that are located in a file called ferrite.ini in the main folder, that you can use if you want to customize the application, removing or adding features.
Ferrite Features:
Basic Ferrite Features
Ferrite: Implements a basic collection of information related to a toroid, from its magnetic material, its diameter and the work in progress parameter used to start the calculation.
Ferrite: Implements the current value for the specified toroid, using its diameter and current and temperature.
Ferrite: Implements the power of the specified toroid, including in the single winding level and in the entire unit.
Ferrite: Implements the inductance of the specified toroid using the advanced method and its diameter.
Ferrite: Includes the winding parameters for the used toroid diameter, the frequency, the applied current and the temperature.
Ferrite: Implements the external parameters of the ferrite, like the frequency of the application, or the bandwidth to be used.
Ferrite: Includes the basic parameters to find the resonance for the winding used in the particular step.
In addition to those commands, Ferrite includes a number of other options to get more information about the winding, like the wire diameter used for the windings and its characteristic impedance.
Advanced Ferrite Features:
Ferrite: Implements the advanced calculation method for the inductance.
Ferrite: Implements the advanced calculation method for the winding current.
Ferrite: Implements the advanced calculation method for the winding power.

What’s New in the Ferrite?

1. Modell Name
2. Nominal value of inductance (IN)
3. Measured value of inductance (OU)
4. Multiplier (MUL)
5. Option or not ferrite (F)
6. Funnel radius R (mm)
7. Hook width (mm)
8. Toroid height (mm)
9. Inversion of toroids (BI)
10. Pads per tube (PD)
11. Pads width (mm)
12. Pads height (mm)
13. Trace rings (TR)
14. Number of trace rings (NTR)
15. Wire trace width (mm)
Option can be:
1. True or False
2. Switch between Z and N
3. Flag to set maximum number of stages to calculate (if 1 then that value is ignored)

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In some instances, you may need to disable Intel QuickPath Interconnect (Intel QPI)
Program and run the Quick Path Diagnostic Tool. (See Troubleshooting Information)
Select Program Options.
Select the Diagnose




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