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Fernandes Guitars Serial Number Dating ((EXCLUSIVE)) 👑

Fernandes Guitars Serial Number Dating ((EXCLUSIVE)) 👑



Fernandes Guitars Serial Number Dating

Crazy George is a tiny shop in Canada that is best known for their incredible work on restoration and repair. Yet they also make amazing guitars. It was through the wonders of internet searching that we found Crazy George. We sent them our mystery Strat and asked for their best guess of what it could be. It was not a Strat. They suggested a Squier Strat, or a Telecaster. It turns out that’sweet spot’ of Tele Casters and Squiers are known to be made by Crazy George.

HG Guitars (Hans Grove) was a small company that made electric guitars from 1960-1980. The company produced guitars for the major companies of the day, including Kent, SG (whose guitars were actually made by Sanchez), Strat, Fender, Martin and Gibson.

Playbox Guitars was a brand of electric guitars and basses produced by Teisco in the 1980s. In the late 1970s, Teisco took over Hagoromo, a well-known Japanese guitar manufacturing company. Teisco also took over the manufacturing rights to guitars made by Hagoromo. Playing in a band called Playbox (they used to do covers of David Bowie and Genesis), they were a bit of a latecomer in the guitar world. But by 1983 they were producing solid-body guitars in the Fender, Strat and Telecaster shapes.

Harmony Guitars was a Canadian guitar company based in Calgary that started up in 1977. The company didn’t last long, as they went bankrupt in 1981. Their production run included guitars in the Strat and Telecaster shapes.

Pastor is an important brand in guitar, because the brand’s name is used on many mass-produced goods such as drums, speakers, amps, and even clothing. (They also produced guitars too.) Of course, they didn’t have a very long run either. Pastor (as it is now known), was founded in 1970 by Percy Pastor, a musician and businessman who had experience in the guitar business, and his company was based in Henderson, California.

The L-5 is a world famous guitar brand. It has a VERY long history, starting with the brand being founded in 1894. The amps are equally as venerable. This was not a brand of badged guitars, so this company makes no mention of guitars at all. It is a very high quality amp company that has been in business since the time of ‘big horn and his band’. Unfortunately, I know nothing else about the brand or its history. Its probably a very good amp company, but I have no idea. It only has one picture on the front cover of the catalog, which consists of a shot of a pair of speakers. Oh well.
This is an interesting little guitar. I bought it many years ago, but somehow I’ve managed to never write about it, until now. The top and back have two different patterns, a pumpkin fan pattern and a cactus pattern. The only models known to be available in Mexico are the Fender Stratocaster, Precision Bass and the Telecaster. In late 1986 the model names became identical, no longer being a Precision Bass and a Tele. The small portion of the headstock that says ‘Fernandes’ is not very visible, but it is there. The word ‘Electric’ is misspelled. It is possible that the Fender Precision and Telecasters are Mexican guitars, but that is not something I can prove. I have never seen any evidence that these guitars existed.
It seems that Yamaha has been producing guitars based on the Fender Stratocaster design since at least 1986. This was a Fender and Guild guitar that I owned for several years. My first electric guitar was a Fender Strat, and that design had pretty much not changed since the 1950s. Fender’s ’79 catalog tells me my first guitar was a Deluxe (bass) model Strat, and it has a serial number, and dates on the headstock. Not a bad first electric guitar.


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