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Crystal Fantasy Pc Game 32

Crystal Fantasy Pc Game 32


Crystal Fantasy Pc Game 32

the five crystals that have appeared in this game have different functions. the red crystal, the first of the five, is located in a cavern beneath the volcano mt. magma, in the land of ferideus. it controls the element of fire. the green crystal is in the forest of niflheim, under the watchful eye of the unicorn. it controls the element of earth. the blue crystal is located in an underwater shrine in the dead zone, under the care of ramuh. it controls water. the yellow crystal is located at the top of the technolith in the dead zone. it controls the element of light. the black crystal has appeared in the ruins of rieka. it controls the element of darkness.

the crystals’ powers vary depending on their location. the crystal of fire, for example, is a powerful source of magical energy. the other crystals have less obvious effects on the game world, though some can be used to create powerful attacks. for example, the red crystal, located in the heart of the volcano, is a powerful source of magical energy, as well as a powerful weapon. the green crystal, located in the forest, can be used to bring the environment to a standstill. the blue crystal, located in the dead zone, can bring life to the dead zone. the yellow crystal, located at the top of the technolith, can bring life to the dead zone, and is used to create powerful magic attacks. the black crystal, located in the ruins of rieka, has a number of effects on the world, but its true powers are unknown.

the crystals are used as a power source by special summon creatures called spirits (, ryuumon ). the crystals can be used to power the summon creatures as well as by the spirits themselves. spirits are found throughout the game’s areas, and can be used as a form of transportation or are capable of attacking enemies. for example, the phoenix spirit located in the volcano can heal the party members. the crab spirit, found near the volcano, is used to confuse enemies and provide a means of transportation. a large, flying crab spirit, the angel spirit, is located in niflheim and can manipulate the elements. the golem spirit found in the dead zone uses the black crystal to attack.

the player can complete the game in one of two ways: the first is to search for all the crystals and defeat the monster guarding each one. the second is to buy all four of the huge materia from the shopkeeper and summon them at once. the game’s difficulty is based on the player’s speed at fighting monsters, which can be increased or decreased by upgrading the character’s strength and magic attributes.
the crystals are named after elements or colors, but are classified as three types: “elemental”, “crystal”, and “elemental crystal”. in the final fantasy series, the crystals play an important role in the battle system. the first final fantasy used “elemental crystals” to control the elemental force in the world; in final fantasy ii, however, the crystals can be classified as either “elemental” or “crystal”. the crystals play a more important role in final fantasy iii and final fantasy iv; the “crystal” type is common, but the “elemental crystal” type is rare.
during the early part of the development of final fantasy ii, kenji terada had written the story of the first game, and it was decided that he would work on the sequel’s story. his original concept, set in the city of lodran, was scrapped after the development team felt that the original setting did not have the appeal they hoped for. the team was asked to choose a new setting, and was given the choice of either sky, which was chosen, or the ocean, which was rejected due to it being too similar to the ocean from the first game. [6] the art team felt that the ocean was too similar to the city in the first game, and the city was chosen instead. [7] the city of sky was based on the town of saira in aztec culture, with materia and crystals used as the basis for the fantasy elements. [8]


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