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Berlin The Downfall 1945 Pdf Download !!LINK!! ☝

Berlin The Downfall 1945 Pdf Download !!LINK!! ☝


Berlin The Downfall 1945 Pdf Download

negotiations to assemble a peace conference began, the most important being in moscow. to the british and the russians, it was obvious that stalin wanted to ensure that the right kind of post-war order lay in his favour. failure to come to terms could lead to the collapse of the soviet union and to allow the west to deal with a deeply weakened germany. germany was a vital source of food, raw materials and money for the ussr. stalin had to be seen to be in control, for if he failed, he was finished. the americans and the british, on the other hand, wanted to avoid a soviet-dominated order and so they had their own different agenda. the worry for the americans was that they could not get their own house in order. the british, after the war in france, were looking to an independent, west german state that would be opposed to the soviet union. stalin was not about to allow the west to opt out of a soviet-dominated european order, a veto that would have rived russia apart. the soviets longed for a peaceful post-war order, although they had allowed the war to go on in order to create the conditions for victory.

the journey from britain to berlin was a triumph. the trains were calm and comfortable and the food was sumptuous. there were only three or four people getting out. many of those people were ill. the movement of people from britain, via paris, to berlin was very quick, and the timing of departure had to be perfect. it was a non-stop journey from the moment that the train left london at nine o’clock in the morning. for most of those travelling, the journey would last 18 hours, at the end of which time they would be in berlin.

the soviet military leadership did not allow any german generals to consult with their soviet union counterparts. the western allies’ military intelligence division was known for its efforts to determine the strategic intentions of the soviet union. the western allies also placed spies in the red army. the spy ring director harold himsworth, an american, gained an introduction to william cassidy, chief of u.s. military intelligence’s russian section. cassidy passed himsworth’s recommendation to brig. gen. william h. simmons, who asked him to undertake a special mission and cultivate spies in the soviet union. cassidy developed a network of informers and spies that would prove effective.
in september 1944 american diplomats calculated that the soviet union and its allies would most likely invade europe in april 1945. the soviet union executed operation bagration to help the red army capture the cities of minsk, smolensk, vitebsk, mogilev, and then brest-litovsk in one week, and to help hold the largest force of germans in a position where they could not withdraw into the woods and attempt a fighting retreat. the red army began operation bagration in mid-june and by october they had driven west into poland and caught the germans by surprise. the offensive allowed the red army to concentrate its strength on the large east prussian cities of königsberg and danzig. soviet forces occupied the eastern end of the east prussian plain and reached the oder-neisse river, which bisects east prussia. stalin did not succeed in capturing west prussia until early 1945. hitler retreated west in the face of the soviet offensive. on september 2, 1945, hitler declared war on the united states.


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