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By using native PostgreSQL database

Autodesk provides an adapter to work with a native PostgreSQL database. This connector allows you to store all the data in Autodesk database (BDB), which is more stable and available for more platforms than legacy database (MDB) version.

What is Autodesk database?

The Autodesk database (BDB) is a relational database that integrates with the Autodesk applications to provide an efficient and responsive work environment. An Autodesk database is commonly used for 3D modeling and design collaboration. The Autodesk database (BDB) has been available since Autodesk Release 2012 and is increasingly used by AutoCAD customers.

AutoCAD 2019 compatibility

The new release of AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2019, includes a Microsoft SQL database engine for compatibility with existing users. This database engine is designed to be used with Microsoft SQL Server 2017, 2018, 2019 and Azure SQL Database. You can update to AutoCAD 2019 now.

Customizable workflows in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD, you can customize the workflows for your project. For example, you can set up workspaces for data manipulation, data entry, and sharing. You can also create a single view of your data and use it in multiple places in your work flow.

The Local Toolbox (LT) contains most of the native AutoCAD tools. It’s great to use them in your work. The LT contains the most common tools, including commands, utilities, and tools.

Work with different projects

Each project can be treated as its own folder. Projects can be saved in any location, and you can view them in the Documents Pane, without having to save them in a separate folder.

Make your workflow faster

AutoCAD includes many ways to help you work faster, including the Dynamic Input Bar, Quadric Draw and AutoHotkey Shortcut Keys.

Compare more accurately

AutoCAD allows you to compare two drawings in real time with your common operations.

Search and navigate

In AutoCAD, you can use the Command Line Interface (CLI) to search and navigate through your drawing file. With AutoCAD, you can search for objects and tools in your drawing.

CAD modeling and drawing

In AutoCAD, you can use both models and drawings.

Create a 3D model

You can

AutoCAD Crack Keygen Free Download

The ability of AutoCAD Torrent Download to import and export an exchange format is more complex than that of most CAD programs. There are many import and export options available. Among these are the Import and Export Wizards (for exporting to DXF format), the DXF Import and Export Wizards (for importing DXF), the AutoCAD Import and Export for Microsoft Office (AIME) (for importing to Microsoft Office formats), and File AutoCAD Import and Export (FAIE) (for exporting drawings to PDF, EMF and other formats).

Another way to export to PDF is to create a shapefile, and use the AutoCAD command “Set PDF Export” to export that shapefile to PDF.

Another feature of AutoCAD which aids in the development of plugins is its plug-in interface. This makes it easier to develop plug-ins for AutoCAD than for other CAD systems. AutoCAD’s plug-in framework, called MEF (Microsoft Extension Framework) is designed to allow users to add new capabilities by adding plug-ins. Plug-ins can be developed for AutoCAD using Microsoft Visual Studio, Delphi, Visual Basic or a combination of these.

Programmable Architecture
AutoCAD was originally part of AutoLISP, a programmer’s scripting language that was added to AutoCAD in 1991. The first version of AutoLISP was known as Carla. Carla was part of AutoCAD from 1991 to 1995. It was replaced by LISP. LISP was originally called JustLisp, until its name was changed to LISP. LISP was first supported by AutoCAD in 1995, and it was one of the first “integrated” applications within AutoCAD (i.e. the user interface was fully contained within the program). LISP made it possible to develop add-on applications, called LISP modules, within AutoCAD. LISP could also be used in stand-alone mode, not requiring AutoCAD. The first LISP modules were released in 1995. In 1996, LISP became AutoCAD’s primary scripting language. LISP was standardized as a C++ class library in 2000.

From 1996 until the present day, LISP was available as an additional scripting language. AutoCAD 2000 and higher also offer a number of other scripting languages such as Visual Basic for Application, Visual Basic 6, and Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

You can now create dynamic annotations, which move together with the object they are applied to. Dynamic annotations include position and size indicators as well as extended information fields.

A newly created subdocument can be saved as a comment, versioned and shared.

Markups can be used in AutoCAD as they are stored in the drawing file. No conversion of markups is necessary.

Command-line editing of drawings is no longer needed. You can use the AutoCAD command line to edit drawings with the input format of the native CAD file.

Drawing Annotations:

Extend your drawings with annotations. You can draw annotations that are editable and that can be moved, saved and inserted as comments into drawings.

Drawing Annotation templates make it even easier to create annotations. By following a step-by-step wizard, you can create a drawing annotation from your desktop. (video: 1:33 min.)

Command-line editing of drawings is no longer needed. You can use the AutoCAD command line to edit drawings with the input format of the native CAD file.


The ability to print drawings directly from the DWG editor. You can print directly from both your PC and your mobile device. This also makes it possible to design and share your work with others without having to use a separate application.

Save AutoCAD to PDF and convert drawings to PDF. You can save drawings to PDF and convert drawings to PDF, so that you can share your design ideas and plans with anyone. (video: 1:50 min.)

PDF versions are saved with a file type that matches your native CAD file format. This allows AutoCAD to handle PDF files as native CAD files.

Drawing Outputs:

Use the new drawing output filter to create professional quality PDFs. You can choose any combination of different paper sizes and resolutions to create PDF files that match the look and feel of your designs.

Insert Images:

Insert images into your drawings directly from your digital camera, by using an app like Adobe Lightroom or Apple’s Photos app. (video: 1:45 min.)

Built-in Image Searches:

We’ve added built-in Image Searches to help you find images that match various criteria. The search criteria include location, subject and keyword.

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System Requirements For AutoCAD:

1.8 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM
Android 6.0 or higher
Safari Browser
Internet Explorer 10 or higher
Recommended System Requirements:
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