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The fundamentals of Photoshop

The differences among Adobe’s programs are important to note. In addition, choosing a product to use can be overwhelming, and may not be the best choice. Choosing a program to use can feel more like a marriage than a relationship. It’s not always clear which choice will be most beneficial.

One of the first differences to note is that Photoshop is not intuitively designed for the average person. You cannot simply click on a tool and see its effect happen.

Step into Photoshop

To make edits in Photoshop, you must step into the editing system. To step into the editing system you click on the View menu from the menu bar, followed by the Step tool. A window will open where the image will be displayed and the tool you want to use. From there you can make changes on your image.

You can use the Step tool in several ways, for example, copy and paste, resize, add a new layer and much more. The major limitation of the Step tool is that you can only make a change for one image. You will need to step into another image and use that image as a template to make your change.

Photoshop’s minimal interface

Adobe has done a nice job limiting the amount of information that users will need to understand about Photoshop’s editing system. While Photoshop is basically a command line, users can step into a simpler and easier editing system where they don’t need to know too much in order to understand how to make simple changes.

When you step out of the editing system, you will have access to the various tools that make up the system.

The tools

Photoshop has a menu bar with a list of the tools. The order of the tools on the menu bar mirrors the order of operations in the editing system and the order in which the tools appear from the Step tool.

Some of the tools are extremely basic while others are very powerful. The tools available are discussed in the following sections.

The Tools

Photoshop has tools that allow you to create, alter or modify your images. Basic tools include:
















Rounded Corner



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Learning Photoshop with Elements can be just as rewarding as learning Photoshop with the full version. Adobe Photoshop Elements is a robust and feature-rich tool that will have you creating professional looking images in no time.

Photoshop Elements is a fully featured application that comes with its own collection of basic software. Included in the application are many of the essentials you would need to get started making art from start to finish:

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.1 is a fully featured graphics editor that can perform tasks like photo retouching, color correction, image cropping, and even vector editing. It is an open source program that is free to download.

Here are the basic steps to follow to get a general idea of what the application can do for you:

1. Download and install Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.1

You will need a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.1 to practice with.

After you have downloaded the program, you should have it installed on your computer. If you don’t, you can get started by clicking on the “Start” button in the lower left-hand corner of your computer to open up the Adobe Photoshop Elements program.

2. Launch Photoshop Elements

After installing the program and opening the program, you’ll want to launch Photoshop Elements and give it a try. You can quickly access the program by clicking on the “Start” button that appears on the lower left side of the toolbar.

The first thing you’ll notice is a digital photo that shows a variety of tools to access Photoshop Elements.

You’ll also notice that Adobe Photoshop Elements provides you with a basic workspace for editing images. You can use it to work with both single and layered images.

The controls that are available are located on a menu bar above the photo on the left side of the program.

3. Open and Close Files

To open an image file you just need to double-click the file name on the image. A new window should open up showing the image along with all the layers and editing tools you can use to manipulate the image.

From here you’ll want to close any files that you’re not working on in case you want to close them without saving.

You can find the Save button with the other tools in the Toolbox. The Save button has several options:

– Save as

– Save as a copy

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The Dodge and Burn tools allow you to change the brightness and contrast of the pixels in an image.
The Gradient tool allows you to make gradual changes on an image. It can be used to create different effects such as blending, soft edges and gradients.
The Healing Brush allows you to repair small areas of damage in an image.
The Burn and Dodge tools allow you to change the brightness and contrast of an image.
The Brush Tool lets you apply a brush. Brush heads come in various styles, such as Round, Round-Soft, Round-Sketchy, Round-Watercolor, Round-Photo, Round-Oil, and Airbrush.
The Pen Tool allows you to add various lines, shapes, and text to an image. You can use the Pen Tool to create painting effects, drawing effects, or even sculpting shapes.

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